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The Invincible M.A.E.

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*wears team slut T-shirt*

I am sluttier now than I was two days ago! I've added the New York Rangers to the team slut list as of Pleasure Fiends.

Teams left to be written (not in any order): Islanders, Penguins, Bruins, Hurricanes, Panthers, Capitals, Predators, Flames, Oilers, Kings. I can't see a reason why I would write any of these teams, except maybe the Oilers, but you never know what will happen once the season starts. I never imagined writing the Senators and the Wild - in the same fic, no less! :P

Chip came up with image after traumatic image (including the Sedin twins as a two-man masturbation team) last night all through dinner and the walk home. It hurts him so much more than it does me, though. Thankfully, I had happy hockey player dreams! Sunny was in it, and he was smiling and laughing, and for whatever reason I needed to get Peter Forsberg's number from him and it took him ages to give me the number, which was just fine with me. *sighs happily*

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I think you should write a case of mistaken-Petr-Sykora. I don't know why. I should probably go home now.

Mistaken-Petr-Sykora? *scared* What do you mean by that? :P

I'm not entirely sure. Just something to do with the Other Petr Sykora. It's not a good brain day over here...

Oh! Petr "Not That One" Sykora? Oh dear, I think you just gave me a bunny. *weeps*


Who is sluttier you or Frala? I think you two have the most teams written about :)

I will catch up! I have my Preds fic out of the way :)

Actually, I think Alex is the sluttiest! She's a stealth!slut. Frala is sluttier than me, though. :P

*cheers you on*

we need to find who the least slashed team in the NHL is, and have a fic challange for them.

I think it has to be Phoenix, I don't think I have read one Phoenix fic.

No wait, didn't Flan write Phoenix with her former goalie? Alex did LA, I've done Panthers and someone did panthers for whole League, is there any team that hasn't been done?

no it was you that did Phoenix *is clearly a moron*

Oops, didn't see this before the other comment. *giggle*

I was going to say the Flames, but I think Jarome Iginla was in that one with Mike Comrie, though for the life of me I

--can't remember who wrote it. *glares at keyboard*

Frala did! Comrie/5 baby!

I wrote Jarome and Comrie in a fic togther :)

I wrote Phoenix for the WL challenge. :P "Dear Daniel", it was Chris Gratton and Shane Doan. I'm pretty sure all the teams have been covered.

Do the fics have to be completed to count? Cause I may have written a couple more teams and just never finished them. Like Murder Mysteries. (Which I will finish. Really. *shifty-eyes*)

woo for knocking off another team!!

*twitch* Chip has traumatized me :(


I'm not sure if this will make you feel better, but I'm sure he feels much worse.

you know that just might *giggles*

the Sedin twins as a two-man masturbation team

NO. Just...NO.

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