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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Chip and the Amazing Rainbow-Colored Underpants

Your trauma or my trauma first? Hmm. Mine.

So a while ago, Alex told his ex-stepbrother (who is straight) that I write gay porn about hockey players. Which really doesn't bother me in and of itself, except that he said he would go read it. So I asked Alex whether he'd given him the whole story about the, you know, explicit gay sex, and he seemed confident that he'd conveyed that. So apparently, the guy went and read, not just one, but four stories, and read the NC-17 ones.

My question is why? Why would you subject yourself to that? Like, I have warnings and ratings and stuff, and he just went ahead and read them anyway. Anyway, according to Chip, his reaction was increasing degrees of shock as he read and more things were touched and done, and his final words? "She has ... has some ideas."

It's going to be a funny encounter the next time I see him.

So one day, Chip and I were buying lunch, and more or less completely unprovoked, he comes up with the image of Hatcher in rainbow-colored underpants and shares this with me. The thing is that the horror wore off for me much faster than it did for him, and the image returns to haunt him at inopportune times. For example, before we go to sleep. And again, he shares.

I asked him what it would take to stop thinking about it, and his solution is ... to wear rainbow-colored pants himself! Then he goes on about how he wonders whether you can even buy rainbow-colored underpants, and if you could, we're certainly in the right city (San Francisco) to find them! He also thinks that Macy's should have a Gay Men's Department, so that he could find said underpants.

I asked him how wearing rainbow-colored underpants would help him, and this stumped him briefly. His conclusion was that it might be cathartic. Then he asked if I would wear rainbow-colored underpants with him.

Thanks to all of this talk, I dreamt about Hatcher last night! *shakes fist* Luckily, I think he was just smiling while his kid used him as a jungle gym (Thanks, Bernie!) and not some other horrific, uhh ... *doesn't think about it*

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Dude why indeed? *giggles*

*giggles insaely* Dude, good luck finding them, lol. Ohh Hatcher dream.... nice... err I mean ewwww *weeps* damn it all to hell, lol.

It boggles me. I'll definitely ask if I'm not too busy being red.

Thanks! And he was sweet daddy in the dream although his kid looked kind of stupid and drooly. :P

Cool :) and let us know. awww I bet you are cute red though :)

Awwww *giggles*

you know that was a really sweet article, how about how hatcher so feared (is he?) on the ice, so intense, and yet is such a sweet laid back guy off the ice. How he adores his children and is a family man.

So there is no way that dream could be dirty. Unless there were mars bars.

Besides I'm with Frala, and am so back on the "well someone who could pick you up and carry you off over their shoulder is kinda hot - especially if he wears a mask."

And I don't know about knickers, but I have seen rainbow coloured masks before.

Feel free to share that with Chip :)

especially if he wears a mask."

- but the hair has to be accessable :D *cough*

He's feared all right. *cuddles Petr* Dude, they're all like that! Mush is like a little lamb off-ice. He'd better adore his children considering he has 4 at age 31. *boggle*

Chip's response: "It just wouldn't be the same with a mask, unless maybe there are no underpants."

There should be an anthology of all Chip's sayings. Can brighten anyone's day.

I'm not really sure how Hatcher in rainbow-colored underpants could brighten anyone's day ...

*cracks up* hatcher in rainbow coloured underpants is just...an image i so did not need. a highly amusing image i so did not need, but still. i'm disturbed, yet somehow relieved by the fact that the creator of this image is more traumatised by it than i am. poor chip.

*comforts* It's nice to know that others are suffering more, LOL! He tries to fix it but it just gets worse and worse. :P

See... when you first started hanging around HD, Chip was seemingly normal. And now... *shakes head*

He was just insane in different ways. :)

My husband knows what I write, but I don't know if he's actually read any of it. My suspicion is that he has, but hasn't said anything about it. *lol*

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