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Chip musings

We were discussing the Seriya press conference (lovefest, wedding announcement, etc) last night.

CHIP: You know, it just doesn't make sense to slash them because it's all out there.
MAE: Yeah, like Flan says, slash is about subtext, and with them it's just text.
CHIP: Yup, there's no sub. *pauses* Except maybe Dom/sub, but I won't comment on that.
MAE: *laughs*
CHIP: Except to say that Paul is shorter.

I'm finished writing shy, blushy French Canadian goalie fic! Whee! Just need to send it to Montreal QA, aka Allie first before posting. :P

Listening to Linkin Park right now, and I can't help feeling like patting on them their heads, giving them cookies and milk and saying, "That's really cute, sweeties." It's all teen pop to me!

Frala is back Frala is back Frala is back!!! *throws confetti and celebrates* I love her so much! *clings* *giggle*

I am lafantasia's sister in dorkiness. I printed out the NHL schedule (but mine was double-sided, so it was only 10 pages!) and came to the conclusion that if I get Center Ice, I will have no life aside from watching hockey from October to June.

I may be mistaken, but I think everyone is signed except Cheech and Hannan? That makes me so, so happy. I'll be fully happy when those two get signed, too, but I'm really relieved so far. Haven't picked all the games I want to go to yet, but it's Lira, the boy, Chip, Alex and me for the Leafs game. *hops*
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