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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Girly poll!

Was talking to Flannery and mentioned that I've never had menstrual cramps before, and it occurred to me that that might be strange.

Have you ever gotten menstrual cramps? (Answer only if you menstruate)


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Not only was my answer "yes" it was more YES!!!!.

So basically everyone that answers no ... I've had 'em bad enough to make up for your painfree cycles. ;)

Ive only had them maybe three or four times so my yes is a really really small yes

...is yes, even though I menstruate like once every four years.

Yes, I suffer from the longest pre-menstrual cycles known to man. :p

Four years? Eep! Have you seen a doctor about that? That sounds pretty extreme.

Welcome to the wonderful world of PCOS. :(

My "yes" is a pretty emphatic "yes", if you count those days when you can't actually get out of bed and you feel like your uterus is trying to leave your body and you just curl up in a fetal position and whimper for hours on end. They might not be cramps, though. They might be some sort of alien possession.

No, I get those too. Only I think mine is trying to cut its way out of my body with a dull spoon.

Yes... but only one or two days. *lucky you*

wow, you're lucky. i have them every damn time. 1 or 2 days worth too. :(

Would you like to trade bodies?

You are so damn lucky ;D I didn't get cramps for the longest time, and then suddenly WHAM! Now it feels like my insides are being scraped out once a month ;P

you dont get cramps? You dont deserve to be a woman!! Haha. Just kidding. But I used to get them so bad I'd collapse, faint, scream in pain, and cry. When they were so bad I just couldnt move and I would fall in and out of faints. It isn't fun what so ever. The old I get the more they lessen in pain, but they still KILL me sometimes. But I get them very often.

You are one lucky lady!

*cringe* Fall in and out of faints? *hides*

I'm starting to feel very unwomanly ...

Haha... Well I don't want to feel "womanly" if that is what "womanly" feels like. I hated it. When I was younger like 13 or 14 It was the main reason I ever missed school. Because it got so bad I couldnt move at all. It's so bad. It runs in the family. My grandmother had them that bad, and my mom did. I just feel SO sorry for my future daughter!!! =( Ha.

But atleast I can say " that pain doesnt last forever" because I dont get them that awful anymore.

I think I'll be able ot handle childbirth better now because of that. Ha

Ugh. I think my sisters all got cramps as they got older, but nothing as bad as that, I think. :( I'm 28 now, though and I think they all started in their late teens.

Umm, yeah, preparation. That's the ticket!

My yes is small. I usually don't have them. And when I do...not that bad. But I started pretty late...

I feel bad, lol. I never get cramps, and reading all these ladies' answers, I feel horrible. But, *knocks on wood* guess we're lucky, eh?

Yeah, I guess we are. *ducks rotten fruit* *giggle*

Hi mae, would you mind if I add you as a friend?
PS. I get cramps occasionally, sometimes bad, sometimes not. All in all, I can't complain.

Not at all!

Such a sweet icon. :)

Thanks! They're such cuties. ^.^

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