The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
The Invincible M.A.E.

She'll be back

I watched T3 yesterday, and I expected it to suck donkey dick, but it far surpassed my expectations! It definitely had it's cheesy/stupid/huh? moments, but overall it was entertaining, had some creative fights scenes and action sequences and some neat visuals/effects. I had no idea that Claire Danes was in it. It's kind of funny because she's the only "real" actor in the movie and it shows.

Alex had the best one-line summary of the movie: "I enjoyed it even after my beer buzz wore off!" Now that's an endorsement!

Surprisingly small amount of ficcage on HD. I found myself reading the Stevens/Kariya PWP smut Dizzy and finding it hot. *weeps* BTW, if any of you go read it, don't worry about Emilio Estevez. *nods sagely*

And because I love sharing trauma,
Robyn: Emilio would probably quack while he came :-(

I was wondering about the impact of your familiarity with players when reading fics about them. Sometimes it's a distraction, like this guy would never call that guy by that name, or he's not a fucking blonde! But most of the time (if the author is familiar with those players), it adds to the realism and believability of the story. You already "know" the people involved so you're somewhat invested in them.

But when I read fic about players I don't know, and the characterizations aren't very strong, I just get kind of muddled up and they all blur together and I get a bit confused about who is doing what. How did I get started on this? Oh, yes, months ago I wanted to write Thibault/Giguere but I was like, nobody knows who the hell Giguere is, but now everyone does and I feel more motivated to write it, which instinctively felt kind of shallow to me. Because why should it matter whether people know who it is or not? Characters should be written so that you can find out all you need to know from the fic, right? Well, not necessarily. I mean what I like about fan fiction is that you can "cheat" on character development a bit and jump into the story right away.

Oops, I should go to work now. Crap. Maybe I'll continue this later. :P
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