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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Dinner conversation

I was going to write JS!fic today but I woke up and got inspired and the Seriya pairing fit the idea, so I spent all morning writing that. It feels so good to write while inspired. *sighs happily*

Seriya was on my mind when I had dinner with Chip:

MAE: I just don't see Teemu as sexy.
CHIP: Just ... no.
MAE: He's asexual.
CHIP: Like an eggplant.
(We carefully consider this)
CHIP: Actually an eggplant is more sexy.
MAE: Seriya is sweet, though. The two of them are so great in this PG-13 way.
CHIP: That certainly fits in the Ducks owned by Disney thing. Maybe more G-rated.
MAE: But Paul is sexy, though. Like, he's sexy enough for the both of them.
CHIP: That's because he's Canadian. (stunned silence) Did I say that out loud?

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*laughs and licks chip*

That story was just beautiful :) You write so, so well, I cant even put into words how wonderful it is. That story makes soooooooooo much sense, it's almost like it happened for real ;) And hey, maybe it did :P

Hehehe Chip is funny! I'll say it again, you have trained him well!

Thank you so much! *squeals* If only it did happen!

The student has surpassed the master.

I bet it did ;)

oOo student has surpassed the master! LOL awesome!


*licks Chip* good lord, first calling Canadian Owen Nolan Knightly and masculine, and now Paul. Boy has a fetish :)

*giggle* *thinks* He does like hunky Todd Bertuzzi too.

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