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They fucking eloped!

So this is my weird reaction to finding out Seriya got signed to the Avs: I squealed like a madwoman. Why? Because they're reunited. And then it sank in they went to the Avs, and I thought about the depths of true love. ;) And the pic of them hugging each other and being all happy together on just made me cry. Not for sad or happy reasons, but just ... emotional reasons.

Oh, and Hatcher went to the Wings. :( Happy now, Rebecca? I guess that's nice for him, given that he grew up in Michigan. Or something.

Reading that the Caps signed Sykora didn't even faze me. I know there's another Petr Sykora floating around and that Petr isn't available to be signed. I hope none of y'all got a heart attack about that. :P

But overall, fuck!!!
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