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The Invincible M.A.E.

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See, Rebecca, even Chrissy knows all about your Hatcher love!

Becky asked about Rebecca and Hatcher's stick in IHC, and Chrissy provided this lovely explanation (typoes left in for authenticity):

Chrissy: Becky- Rebecca said she "needes d a Hatcher stick" preusmably to beat him off

More graphic than I would have said, but ...

I wonder what about the significance of Canada Day and the International Day of Slash falling on the same day. My one-track mind says that Canada = hockey and hockey = slash, therefore Canada = slash. Or something like that.

Had several free agency related heart attacks today. WTF, we have Messier??? Fuck that! Oh, we're just pulling a compensatory draft pick thingie, like we did with Theo last year. This is becoming an annual event with the Rangers or something. Sub-heading in bold in tsn.ca article that said Hatcher signed with Detroit. WTF??? Oh, it's possible scenarios. Thanks, fuckers. I'm glad Hackett signed with the Flyers. Partly because it makes flanneryflyer and vivelegardien happy, and partly because it pretty much makes that absurd Nabby, Cheech, Sturm for Gagne, Handzus, Somik rumor completely uhh ... debunked? Can you debunk a rumor? *ponders* Anyway it's pretty much not true at this point unless sheer idiocy ensues. I know it was a stupid rumor, but it still makes me all scared and stuff. :(

The boys are home and asleep. Alex is sunburned as hell. Chip is ... not. It was strangely nice being a hermit for a while, but it is very nice to have Chip back. :)

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I've ceased at watching sports news. Whenever I hear about some of the most goddamn ridiculous trades ..I just, I just...

*throws spoon*
*shakes fist*

I'm still in awe that the Wings actually took Hasek. And that Philly acquired HACKETT for 3 mill. a season!!!!!!!! Dammit. Hockey takes an emotional toll on you. I think NYR traded away Mess because they wanted to free up payroll for Jagr. That's what I think.

I would think that the Wings would trade Hasek, or have something like that already figured out. Well, the Rangers can still sign Mess, but for less money. Possibly. I haven't been following hockey long enough to make a good analysis. :)

Kariya and Oates are free agents now too. :(:( I cried.

I hate free agent day...

*throws another spoon*

I think Paul will be signed by the Ducks. As for Oates ... *shrug*

I'm glad Hackett signed with the Flyers. Partly because it makes flanneryflyer and mariaorange happy

Thanks! Happyhappyhappy! :)

Neither did she. That's what makes it better! :D

Sadly, I followed the EXACT same train of thought when wondering about the Canada/slash thingie. "Hey, it's Canada Day, and lots of hockey players come from Canada, and we slash them, thus the world is giving us subliminal messages that hockey players must be slashed." We really do have sad one-track minds.

*passes out* If Hatcher signs with Detroit I think I will honestly pass out. That is a scenario not to be believed. It just doesn't make SENSE.

And tell Alex only the cool people get sunburned.

Eee! We have the same sad one-track minds, though! Hey, want a popsicle?

You're getting swoony and passing out over Hatcher? What is up with all you Wings fans and Hatcher love? *grin*

I will. :P

Detroit gets Hatcher? Tammy goes on killing spree. Noooo way. I'd rather see him in a Rangers uniform.

It seems like the consensus is that nobody wants Hatcher in Detroit. Except maybe Detroit and Hatcher himself, lol.

Are you kidding me? I'm sure plenty of ppl want Hatcher. And I have no idea why. They've got plenty of d-men up in there.

You know what I'm thinking? Feds in So Cal. I can sense it..

Correction, among IHCers. :P

IHC speculation was Feds in LA. How lucky are you? :)

Not at all. That would make any team down here crazy good.

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