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Holy fuck, it's free agency!

First of all,
Rebecca: I need a Hatcher stick

*grin* She's in love.

Flan and I decided that Marcus Ragnarsson is like a Buddhist monk who radiates calm and serenity. We can picture him in yellow, flowing robes and sandalwood bracelets.

Dear God, I'm listening to Hanson. *weeps*

So Paul wasn't signed by the Ducklings. I have the feeling they're going to re-sign him, but for less money. I had an insane idea where he and Teemu would elope to some other team together. I would squeal myself to death if they did that. I'm not into Teemu but Seriya makes me very happy. I hope that Hatcher gets re-signed by the Stars again. I'm sure a lot of people want Hatcher to be re-signed by the Stars so that he doesn't get signed by their team. ;) Jussi Markkanen to the Rangers? That one boggles me. They have Dunham, and Blackburn is good. Why do they want another back-up? Are they going to trade Blackburn? *scratches head*

We didn't sign Ryan Kraft. (Who, you say?) I'm kind of irrationally attached to him. I remember seeing him at training camp last year and thinking about how good he was for a little guy.

Hey evil_pioneer, I'm gonna write Bertuzzi/Hatcher just for you. *shrieks* Kidding! KIDDING!
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