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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Holy fuck, it's free agency!

First of all,
Rebecca: I need a Hatcher stick

*grin* She's in love.

Flan and I decided that Marcus Ragnarsson is like a Buddhist monk who radiates calm and serenity. We can picture him in yellow, flowing robes and sandalwood bracelets.

Dear God, I'm listening to Hanson. *weeps*

So Paul wasn't signed by the Ducklings. I have the feeling they're going to re-sign him, but for less money. I had an insane idea where he and Teemu would elope to some other team together. I would squeal myself to death if they did that. I'm not into Teemu but Seriya makes me very happy. I hope that Hatcher gets re-signed by the Stars again. I'm sure a lot of people want Hatcher to be re-signed by the Stars so that he doesn't get signed by their team. ;) Jussi Markkanen to the Rangers? That one boggles me. They have Dunham, and Blackburn is good. Why do they want another back-up? Are they going to trade Blackburn? *scratches head*

We didn't sign Ryan Kraft. (Who, you say?) I'm kind of irrationally attached to him. I remember seeing him at training camp last year and thinking about how good he was for a little guy.

Hey evil_pioneer, I'm gonna write Bertuzzi/Hatcher just for you. *shrieks* Kidding! KIDDING!

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Ohhh I love you, that post just so made me smile. The Subject line made me grin. I agree with you I think Kariya will stay with the Ducks but he'll probably get less money. So yes I agree. =)

Love you too! *hugs* Glad you're amused by my insane ravings, LOL! Ahh, I so hope he does stay with them! I can't imagine the Ducklings without him!

Hah Kariya IS the Ducks to me. you know? He's been there the entire time, he CAN'T leave. He just.. can't. He is the ducks. Sooo pssshhh he better take less money and sit his ass down and stay a duck or he will be hearing from me! =)

He's said so many times that he wants to stay there and win the Cup with them. And he's never asked to be traded. He so has to stay!

*coughs* Unless Teemu lures him off somewhere. But that's the only circumstance under which I'd accept it!

thatis the ONly circumstance you'd accept? Well ok. They can run off and get married together and always get on the same teams.....

Dude Kariya has GOT to stay on the DUCKS.He has no friggin choice. Because if he doesnt you and I we are gonna pull out our own cans of whoop ass and let him have it. This blonde chick means business .Haha

*nods* They'd have a special trade clause that says that if one of them gets traded, the other has to be traded with him. :P

Dude, we could so take him down! He's so little! *tackles him* *gets distracted*

I had an insane idea where he and Teemu would elope to some other team together.

*squeee!* Just the thought of that makes me so happy :D

They are very, very sweet together. :)

Current music: Hanson - A Minute Without You

*squee* I love that song so much. *giggles* /big huge dork

*giggles* Me too. I've been listening to it way too much recently. ;)

*giggles* I also love love LOVE "Madeline" (...okay, so when I was 13, I realized just how easily that could be switched to 'Natalie'...*dork*) and I still think "Look at You" is purely sexual. *grin*

Oh, Madeline is so cute too! And "Thinking of You". :)

I'm sure a lot of people want Hatcher to be re-signed by the Stars so that he doesn't get signed by their team. ;)
Oh dear God. He had better not get signed by the Sharks. I don't want him on any of my teams, but especially not the Sharks. Ahaha.

And I'm not a big fan of Selanne, but I would be insanely happy if he and Kariya ended up on the same team again. I just...really hope that team is Anaheim.

I really doubt that's going to happen because our D looks pretty set. But I wouldn't mind getting him. *coughs*

Yeah, same here. It would be great if they were reunited in Anaheim. That would make me deliriously happy.

Yeah, you're right. I'll probably have that thought (or is it more of a fear?) stuck in my head until Hatcher signs with someone, but he won't become a Shark. Frankly, if the Sharks sign any of the high-profile free agents I'll be shocked.

I think the GM has said as much, that he'll pick up free agents, but not any of the big name guys. Man, the starting roster next season is going to be so different from what it was last season. :P

*dives through plate glass window*

First of all,
Rebecca: I need a Hatcher stick

*grin* She's in love.


Dude! You took that completely out of context *weeps bitterly*

But that was the fun of it! *giggles insanely*

*bites nails* free agent day makes me so nervous. *clings to trent klatt*

lol i was just thinking that about hatcher the other day, that the stars should hurry up and sign him so he just stays put and doesn't contaminate any other team. :P

and paul...poor paul. i think it's really just a ploy by the ducks to get him back for less, but still. much w/ the weirdness. i heard on one of our sports channels here, that not signing him and oates was to free up money to get teemu back. but...teemu w/out paul?! *scratches head* makes no sense to me.

um...and i just read that your sharks got the rights to messier from nyr. my condolences. ;P

The only person we cut loose is Teemu and I already knoew about that for ages, so ...

Ha! You're one of the people I was talking about, then. :P

Yeah, that's what it was. They don't want to pay him $10 mil/yr anymore. I heard that too! That's just like ... the management knows they're in love and tries to use that to lure him!

We're just getting the compensatory draft pick, like we did last year with Theo.

Free agency is fun, makes summer more interesting, Godamm it, is it September yet? When is hockey starting again?

That's actually only 2 months more! Then I get to stalk hockey boys! Whee! :D

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