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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Because this amused me ...

RICCI: Hey Smyth .. run our goalie one more time and I'll club ya!!
SMYTH: .. Oohh Mike Ricci Mister Tough Guy!!
RICCI: Come on try me punk!!
SMYTH: Bring it on you freak!!
RICCI: Wow .. how do you get your hair so soft and so shiny?!?
SMYTH: .. It's a special Swiss 2 in 1 herbal treatment. Would you like a sample?

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I like Smyth though. Not pretty to look at but a great player.

Leading scorer for the Oilers, wasn't he?

Captain of the Oilers. And he is. :D

Jason Smith isn't captain anymore?

AIM sucking ass? You keep appearing and disappearing. *giggle*

Yes. It still hates me :(

Imagine if those two had children.

um. *is disturbed* who let the ugly twins out? :P

smyth is great, but sometimes he's one funny lookin' mofo.

*giggles insanely* so funny

*loves them both*

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