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Oh my, it's hot in here!

Free, free, free! I am done with the technical documentation! I was at work for 12 hours on Wednesday and 16 hours on Thursday, lol. Then *weeps*

It's warm again today, which means tank top and short shorts and flip flops again! *shares Flan's love of Old Navy flip flops*

I vow to write this weekend. I'm going to head down to the park with my pen and paper, join the other comatose bodies, and write. Or just come up with storylines or whatever. I feel so crippled, creatively right now. *giggle*

I ordered a bunch of teeny-bopper CDs yesterday. I feel so ashamed. Heck, I even feel ashamed listening to Evanescence and Michelle Branch. Yes, sorry, I know some of you guys love them, but I am old and I feel weird listening to teeny-bopper music and liking it so much.

Off to work!

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