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Damn documentation

Have I ever ranted about work? Well I'm going to now. I've been assigned to write documentation for some applications for a client. Me? Write? I don't know how to write technical documentation! And so what if I wrote the application? That doesn't mean I know how it actually works!

I was assured that all I had to do was write enough so that the document would never be read, but it's been read! By two people! This is very distressing to me. And so unfair. Alex's documentation never got read. We know because he put a picture of Elvis in one of them and they never said anything about it. I hate having to write and make sense and describe things. *weeps*

Yes, and feel free to casually move the deadline up two days! *shakes fist* I am definitely shrieking at Alex when he comes back from Italy.

I also seem to have lost all ability to write. Fic-wise. I used to be able to, didn't I? *weeps*

And Frala is gone for three weeks. *cries and wails*
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