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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Damn documentation

Have I ever ranted about work? Well I'm going to now. I've been assigned to write documentation for some applications for a client. Me? Write? I don't know how to write technical documentation! And so what if I wrote the application? That doesn't mean I know how it actually works!

I was assured that all I had to do was write enough so that the document would never be read, but it's been read! By two people! This is very distressing to me. And so unfair. Alex's documentation never got read. We know because he put a picture of Elvis in one of them and they never said anything about it. I hate having to write and make sense and describe things. *weeps*

Yes, and feel free to casually move the deadline up two days! *shakes fist* I am definitely shrieking at Alex when he comes back from Italy.

I also seem to have lost all ability to write. Fic-wise. I used to be able to, didn't I? *weeps*

And Frala is gone for three weeks. *cries and wails*

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we're all going to miss frala. :(:(

and sozzie about the writing at work.

We can all complain to each other. *giggle*

Thanks. :)

I hated it when they dropped bombshells on me like that (when I was working for Nortel). I know just how you feel.

Thanks. :) It gets worse. Now they want to see the other two documents early too. *weeps*

I don't even know what documentation is, but all I know is that it sounds really hard ><|| Good luck at it!!

It's not hard. It's just hard for me. *cries* Thanks, though. :)

eeep. work writing sounds mucho unfun. *shakes fist with you* hope it all works out.

oh, sorry, i stole your ability to write. did you want it back? because the end of my story is actually in sight now. ;P

i can feel the frala-shaped void growing already. :(

*giggle* Thanks!

Yay! More ficcage! *squeals*

*sniffle* Fraaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaa!


so. close. to. finished. i'm just trying to decide how much of a ficlet i want the story to be, and how much i want to save for sequel/prequel parts. then there shall be arkora ficcage to share! :D

*yells* do you think if we shout really loud, she'll hear us and come back? ;)

Eee, so excited!

Maybe she'll just feel really loved. :)

me too! my first almost-done arkora fic! :D

lol i guess that'll have to do. :)

My friends list is so much less cheerful without Frala!


Make Alex bring you back something fun from Italy for you AND shriek at him. Lots.

Dropping like flies, I tell you! Lots of people disappearing. :P

*giggle* I think I will!

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh work!!. This week is our billing and I've had to stay back and help *weeps*

Good luck for the documentation! And have a nice weekend and rest up!

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