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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Cheap Thrills

Markus Naslund is under me right now.

Well, I mean is that I'm in the Canucks chat room right now for the Nazzy chat (Thank you, Frala!) and because it's listed alphabetically, he's below me in the users listing.

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DAMN and here I am stuck at work *giggle*

*squuees again for good measure*

Hey, someone finally asked something slashy ...

Last night the commentators on sportsnet said you and Bert are very close friends but are so different in personality. Do you hang out with Bert off the ice and if so, what's an example you two do together?

We do hang out together, mostly on the road since when we are at home we are with out families. We are both really into cars. He is trying to get me interested in golf even though I don't really enjoy it.

Aww ... I wonder what they do in cars. :)


mae you rock!! *hug*

heeeee two of them in a car *thuds* me like!!!

Hmm, wonder if we can get Nat to write more vehicular!sex, hehehe.

*giggle* perhaps!! Mrowwwl!!


but the vehicular!sex idea is more than open if one of you two would like to try it. ;)

Skilift!sex!!! *dies* Can't wait to see that one.

*shakes head*
Yeah I can just see: they get stuck out in a storm and have to stay in the car and have to make due. They get all hot and sweaty as the thunder and rain pour down around them.

:( I hate my brain.

You so have to write that! Please? Please? :)

*GRIN* Well, I haven't written anything for the storm challenge yet..... ;)

*SQUEAL* *hyperventilates* *thud*

You okay? You fell down pretty hard. Or is that a good thing :)


Damn they would have to have it while I'm a work too :( Hmmm can't say I wouldn't mind Markus under me right now either *ggg*

Heh in the middle of the chat someone called "manman" appeared and was sandwiched me and Markus Naslund. I was convinced it was Todd Bertuzzi. *grin*

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