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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jiggy got hitched!

Jiggy wedding spam! Whee!

Giguere's latest prize: a bride
June 22, 2003

Canadian Press

LIVERPOOL, N.S. -- Like a hockey player moments before stepping on the ice, a jacketless Jean-Sebastien Giguere chewed gum and paced at the back of Liverpool's Trinity Anglican Church on Saturday, waiting for his bride to arrive.

An hour later, the 230-plus guests went wild as the Anaheim Mighty Ducks goalie and Kristen Fawthrop shared a tender kiss after exchanging wedding vows and placing golden rings on each other's fingers.

The hoots and applause were a less than subdued reminder of the thunderous ovation Giguere got when he won the Conn Smythe Trophy on June 9 after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

Earlier, the groom signed autographs and spoke to fans lining the block that had been closed to traffic as four uniformed Mounties kept an eye on the crowd.

"It was awesome," said 10-year-old Megan Himmelman of Liverpool, clinging to a piece of paper bearing Giguere's signature.

"He's a true Canadian," said Wendy Oickle, a grown-up Liverpool fan who was overwhelmed that the bashful goaltender took the time to speak to her.

The service began shortly after 3 p.m.

Giguere, black jacket on, a single white rose in his lapel, kept his head down at the front of the church as ring bearer Alexandre Fortin and flower girl Audrey Giguere, the groom's six-year-old nephew and niece; the maid of honor and best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen -- among them Anaheim center Marc Chouinard -- began their procession down the aisle.

He raised his eyes slowly as Fawthrop walked toward him on the arm of her father, Doug.

The bride wore a strapless floor-length white satin gown, a tulle veil studded with tiny rhinestones, diamond earrings and a matching bracelet. She carried a bouquet of white roses and calla lilies.

Giguere's gaze rarely left her face for the next hour.

It was sweltering inside the church. Many of the guests used their programs to fan themselves.

The Rev. Brian Murphy conducted the bilingual Roman Catholic service. Giguere's sisters Isabelle and Caroline gave the readings, one in English, the other in French, while Fawthrop's brother Jesse read a psalm.

The gospel reading was The Wedding at Cana, in which Jesus changes water into wine.

"The miracle and the presence of Jesus was a sign of three things," Murphy told the couple.

"The goodness of married life, married love was meant to be a sign of God's presence, and I guess He liked a good party."

Murphy reminded the couple that the church and the world needs them.

"We all need a sign of love, love that is faithful and true," he said.

The maid of honor and bridesmaids -- sisters and friends of the bride -- in long plum gowns wiped away tears as Giguere promised to love and honor Fawthrop all the days of his life.

Fawthrop took Giguere's name. Earlier this week she said Fawthrop-Giguere was too much of a mouthful.

The bride's cousin Joel Derouin, a Los Angeles music producer, composer and violinist, performed five works during the service, the most moving of which was The Power of Love. Bob Quinn accompanied Derouin on keyboard.

After the ceremony, the Gigueres stood on the church steps as a waiting crowd of about 200 applauded the couple, who kissed at the request of a fan.

Guests tossed white rose petals and blew bubbles as the newlyweds sped away in a Mercedes-Benz. Most of the guests left in waiting buses.

The reception was at the oceanfront White Point Beach Resort, where Fawthrop's father is innkeeper.

Resort chef Eric Matuchet abandoned his family for three days to prepare for the feast. Guests and wedding party dined on surf and turf -- except for the bride and groom. Earlier this week, Giguere said he intended to swap his shrimp for his bride's Beef Wellington.

There was no wedding cake.

"Then we don't have to stop dancing to cut the cake," Fawthrop joked in an earlier interview.

The Gigueres will "relax and cool down" on a Caribbean cruise, the groom said, before heading to their home in Montreal, where the Mighty Duck plans to work out every day preparing for the next hockey season.

And because this is me, I have to comment on this: Earlier this week she said Fawthrop-Giguere was too much of a mouthful. Yes, dear, he is a mouthful.

How sweet is it that he signed stuff and talked to fans on his wedding day? *sighs*

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awwww *squiggles* sodamnsweet!! yes that all had to be one word *giggles*

heheh a mouthful indeed yo :P he's lovely

Yeah it needs to be one word for him. *giggle*

He's awesome. He's got an amazing presence. *sighs deeply*

he so does, like that was all I noticed for the longest time *grin* Did you see the article with pictures? http://www.halifaxherald.com/stories/2003/06/22/f234.raw.html socute!!

*shrieks* No, thank you!!! *giddy*

That is SO SO SO very sweet!!!!!!!!!

god, that all sounds so sweet. They are sodamnadorable!!

And he IS a mouthful isn't he? :)))

They are! They make me all squiggly. :)

*grin* I'd imagine. ;) *imagines* *distracted*

*nods* You can't help but love them in all of their adorableness ;))

Uh huh *waves hand in front of your face* Hellooo!! Anyone there? *gggg*
That's a pretty good distraction LOL!

Dude, the combination of sweetness, shyness and packiness just kills me!!! *shrieks*

*giggle* Shrieking ;)) He's just too much, he really is *G*

ahhhh, thats all so incredibly sweet. *sighs* he's just the perfect man, isn;t he? sweet and polite and shy and a mouthful! what more could a girl want?! ;)

ah, how could i forget the dorkiness?! *adds to reasons-why-js-is-perfect list* must have been distracted by the "mouthful" bit... ;)

The mouthful part is really important too. *coughs*

*nods* so important i started forgetting other parts... and i don't mean 'parts' as in 'parts of the list of reasons why he's perfect' either.... ;) altho i'm sure there are other parts of him that are quite perfect also. yup.

That would be the mouthful part.

He has really pretty eyes. :)

Awww that's so cute! The pictures helped too. *sniffle*

Weddings are always sweet :D

Not Chinese weddings. *shudder*

ewww I hate the music, it's loud and noisy and all red. *ew* But the tradition of the pre-wedding is cute XD

*wipes tears from eyes*

everything sounded so perfect.

he's officially not single! does that mean we can't sweet talk about him? ;);) lol...

i'm glad he had a good day. he seemed mesmorized by her beauty and all...and he's so charming and fuck, i'm so jealous of kristen! she gets to wake up every morning with a hot guy who has a french accent in her bed EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE! and they get to have sex too! i'd kill to be her. oh, the things i would do...

*runs off crying*

No we still get to talk. ;)

ROFL! I'd hope they get to have sex and not just wake up next to each other! *giggle* You are way too cute.

He's charming in a really sweet, shy way, rather than being really slick, which is awesome. *sighs*

You cry, but you're happy for him, aren't you? :)

i am happy for him...quite happy but WHY? am i not good enough for him?

this little crush hsa turned into stalker-esque issues, i swear to god...

i need a therapist!


Nah, you're too far away from him to stalk him.

Uhh, right?

well, if i paid any attention to geographical issues between our relationship- i believe yes!

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