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NHL Draft

Marc-Andre Fleury He's so adorable! With his nervous little giggles and French accent. Looks good in goal, too.
Eric Staal Damn he's really skinny for his height.
Nathan Horton Chip says that he looks like a monkey. [Edit: He likes video games! That raises him in my estimation, hehe.]
Nikolai Zherdev Looks kind of arrogant. And playing for Tikhonov if he doesn't play in the NHL next season? *reserves comment*
Thomas Vanek My, he's very pale. I see him as being able to challenge Daniel Alfredsson for biggest blonde fro in the NHL. I like his vibe and I hope he does well.
Milan Michalek Eep. I thought we were going to get Ryan Suter. That would have been cool. But we have a Czech now! That makes me overly excited.
Ryan Suter Well shit.
Braydon Coburn Fuck, he's tall. Looks like a good guy. Blah.
Dion Phaneuf Seems kinda' cool. Man, I really miss Darryl.
Andrei Kostitsyn Hmm, Allie's not too happy with this one. I hope that his skill makes up for the health risks.'
Jeff Carter Another tall, skinny one. Seems kind of dorky. I like him too. :) I'm slightly disturbed by the comments on there being two towers of power on the back end.
Hugh Jessiman *giggle* This boy is gonna take care of his team.
Dustin Brown Seems like a sweet kid. His camp resembles the Weasley family with all that red hair.
Brent Seabrook Very cool name. Seems like a good guy, and he's suppoesd to be a leader.
Robert Nilsson Very interesting. I like his attitude a lot. And he's from Sweden! :D
Steve Bernier Whoa, we picked up an unconditioned guy who can score goals. Cool. :P
Zach Parise Seems really cool, and the whole thing with David Hale set off the slash alarm bells!
Eric Fehr Didn't have many thoughts on this guy. I dunno, I guess then maybe he fits in right with the Caps?
Ryan Getzlaf I really liked this kid! He's got goofy/dorky skating style that somehow seems suited for the Ducklings. Boo on new uniforms. I'm used to them looking ridiculous. :)
Brent Burns Tall and skinny, ahoy! Why do I have the feeling this one is going to be put through the indoctrination and emerge with blue eyes? :)
Mark Stuart He kind of already looks like a Bruin, somehow.
Marc-Antoine Pouliot Another good skater? What a surprise! :D
Ryan Kesler Ooh, I really like this kid, too. Almost as much as Getzlaf. I'm glad he's going to a good team. Trevor Linden comparison helps, too.
Mike Richards Didn't get much of a read on him.
Anthony Stewart He kind of scares me. LOL, top diver? *giggles insanely*
Brian Boyle He's huge!
Jeff Tambellini Seems all right. Kind of a slick talker. Don't particularly trust him. I'm amused at the idea of him playing with Cammalleri, hehe, should give the announcers some trouble.
Corey Perry Didn't get that much of a vibe from him because they didn't interview him or show clips of him play or seem to have that much presence.
Patrick Eaves I agree with Joolzie that this guy really looks like a Senator. *giggle*

Hey, I don't actually know anything about these guys, so I'll just judge them by personality and looks. *grin*

When does hockey season start again? *weeps*
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