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Went to watch Finding Nemo at the Metreon last night. Ate at Buckhorn and made the mistake of eating half of Alex's broccoli. See, broccoli makes me feel light-headed. It's the closest thing to an allergy that I have. Chip, on the other hand, is allergic to bananas in an itchy throat kind of way. This probably means that if he ate enough bananas, his throat would swell to the point that his air passage would be blocked and he'd suffocate. I always tell him that I'm more than ready to perform an emergency tracheotomy, if necessary. This never ceases to upset him.

Anyway, my broccoli high combined with my sleep deprivation meant that I was in a strange state to watch the movie. I felt a strange affinity with the sea turtles, in particular. The movie had barely started when I started crying from the sheer quality of the graphics. How did they do ocean waves that well? That wet fish look. The scratched-up translucence of the filter tube in the fish tank. A bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting, I'm sure. Pixar is fucking awesome.

The NHL Draft is on! Whee! I'm really looking forward to seeing who the Sharks get, and what deals get made and all that. Chip needs to sleep some more, though, so I guess I'll play some Freedom Force in the meantime. I feel like such a spaz. I only have Minute Man and Mentor and already I'm all flustered about managing each of them.

Jiggy's getting married today! *cheers for him and impending flock of ducklings*

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