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The Invincible M.A.E.

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If you frequent IHC you probably know what UAGP is. If not, you probably don't want to read this. In fact, please don't read it. I have no desire to get arrested. *looks around furtively*

Robyn stood outside the ice cream parlour, tapping her foot impatiently. Lindsey was late. Again. A frown marred her pretty face as she glanced at her wristwatch.

"Hey, Avril!" a kid yelled as he zipped past her on his skateboard.

"Fuck you!" Robyn screamed, flipping him off for good measure. She loathed Avril Lavigne with the vengeance of a thousand fiery suns.

"You are such a vulgar cretin." Robyn spun around at the sound of the silky, familiar voice and a bright smile replaced her fearsome scowl as she was embraced by Lindsey, her dear, good friend.

"I am not a cretin." Robyn whispered breathily into Lindsey's ear as she glanced down. Lindsey was wearing a plaid skirt and knee socks. Robyn was in heaven. She shook her head slightly to break the trance, and added. "And you're late. I think you should be punished."

Lindsey's eyes widened. "Oh really? How should I be punished?"

Robyn whispered into Lindsey's ear and her jaw dropped. Robyn cradled her chin and gently closed her mouth. She winked and said, "Later."

Robyn grabbed Lindsey's wrist and led her into the ice cream parlour. They sauntered over to a booth in the back, where it was dark and they weren't in anybody's line of sight. A waitress brought them menus, frowning at the activity she'd glimpsed under the table just before limbs were hastily withdrawn from each other. Robyn and Lindsey smiled sweetly at her as they opened their menus.

"Want to share a banana split, Robyn?" Lindsey asked, peering over her menu. They both grinned as they resumed their under-table activities.

"I don't like bananas." Robyn answered, meaningfully.

"How about a hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream and an extra cherry on top, then?" Lindsey suggested.

"Two cherries?" Robyn asked, licking her lips.

Lindsey nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, two cherries. So that we can both enjoy them at the same time."

The waitress, who had arrived just in time to catch the last thing that Lindsey said, took their order with some trepidation. She was very careful not to look under the table this time, but had no defense against the rustling sounds emanating from below. She hurried off, shaking her head.

Robyn leaned back and playfully twirled a lock of her long, shiny hair. Lindsey gazed at her adoringly. She loved Robyn's hair. She loved the halo of light that encircled Robyn's hair when they were out in the sun, and she loved how fresh and clean it smelled all the time. She loved the way it cascaded over Robyn's pillow when she lay down and they were ...

Lindsey's thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of a hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream and two cherries. Robyn barely called after the waitress in time to request glasses of water for the two of them.

They picked up their spoons and started devouring the sundae, making a show of eating each mouthful slowly and deliberately, licking their spoons and lips clean when they were done. They were both shifting about uncomfortably by the time half of the ice cream was finished. Neither cherry had been touched yet, though. They were both saving the best for last.

Robyn cracked first. She scooped the bright red cherry up with her spoon and was just about to put it into her mouth when Lindsey shrieked, "Stop!"

Robyn raised a quizzical eyebrow at Lindsey. "What?"

"That's my cherry!" Lindsey protested, indignantly.

"Your cherry?" Robyn scoffed. "Does it have your name on it?"

"No, but it was on my side of the bowl. It is so my cherry!" Lindsey said, crossly.

"I'm going to eat it anyway." Robyn said.

"Fine! I'll just eat your cherry, then!" Lindsey sniffed.

The waitress, who had returned with the glasses of water and heard what Lindsey said, promptly spilled the contents of both glasses on each girl. Their thin, cotton T-shirts were completely soaked through with water, and they stared at their own wet shirts, then each other's, their gazes lingering on the clingy material. Then they snapped out of it and glared viciously at the waitress, who was gaping at them in shock.

"I am so ... so ... sorry!" she stammered. "I'll get some napkins for you to clean that up! And the sundae is free!"

She left, then came back with a big pile of napkins, as promised, and handed a fat stack to Robyn and Lindsey. They tried to dry themselves as best as they could, but there wasn't much they could do. Their T-shirts were so wet they might as well have been transparent, and they were clinging to their bodies like a second skin.

They gave up and tossed the wet napkins onto the table and got up to leave. Robyn smiled at Lindsey and said, "Hey, my house is three blocks away. Why don't you come over and we can get out of these wet clothes?"

"That sounds wonderful, Robyn." Lindsey sighed happily.

They walked out of the ice cream parlour, hand in hand, and straight into the rest of their torrid, lurid and scintillatingly underage lives.

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Your handbasket should be ready any day now... :)

Mae? I love you. *dies laughing*

ahhh mae *loves* So fucking cute and squealy!!!! *giglges* mwah!! so aweosme!!!

Lol Mae... You're so cute! *huggles* Will there be more? *arches eyebrow* *saves a place for you in Hell*


See my previous comment, raise it by about a billion :)

This was so so so very awesome. And dirty. And illgal. But mostly awesome :D

*giggle* Thanks, Chrissy! *scrubs self furiously*

BTW Chip really likes your icon. (He's seen the inspiring picture before)

*lends you soap*

Hee, thanks, Chip! :)

*squeals* how adorable was that? Hee Mae you must write more! Screw the cops *winks*

Thanks, Christiane! *hugs*

ROFL! It took me months to get down to writing this, I'm not sure if it's in me to write more. *giggle*

*DIES* Just...*DIES*

You kick so much ass. *G* You should so write more IHC!Slash. (*giggles* But only slash, if you know what [who] I'm referring to. *G*)

*giggle* Glad it amused you. LOL! Who else would I slash? Oh man, I'm going to be scrubbing myself for days for uagp. :P

*G* Hey, you already came up with some pairings. *giggles* You never should've mentioned that in IHC that one night. I'll torture you endlessly now. ;)

Oh dear, I probably shouldn't have. I think I was really short on sleep. *giggle*

*G* The pairings were fairly obvious, so if any of us had been asked, we'd have probably come up with the same.

...except for me/James. *giggles* Methinks he'd be a bit weirded out. (*shrugs* I was just amused. But then, I'm straight, so it makes sense that it wouldn't bother me.) We'd have probably suggested me/Becky instead. *grin*

But hey, I'll be happy with more UAGP. Its like, the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures. *G*

I was thinking there's actually quite a few threesomes, too. In which case you/James/Becky, and also Alex/Christiane/Jess.

LOL!!! Also somewhat illegal. :)

*dies* ...hell, we already share a brain, why not? *giggles*

*G* Hey, so long as you don't write the actual sex, it wouldn't really be illegal, right? *grin*

You have a good point! Chip read it and declared it NC-17. I said it was PG-13. In the end we compromised on R.

*giggles* Its so not NC-17.

...though some of the innuendoes were quite kinky. ;)

It's so innocent! Two girls go share some ice cream together. :D

Mae that was so innocent, and yet not... MORE!


Dude, totally innocent. Two girls eating ice cream. :)

Heee! Loved that Mae. It was really cute and really good.

BTW, I love your icon.

*giggle* Thanks, Megan!!! :D

Bernie shared those pics one night - had to make an icon from them. :)

*loves* That was awesome ;))) So naughty and bad, yet not. I so shouldn't be liking this.

*saves you a front row seat in the bus to Hell*

LOL, thanks! Totally innocent! Two girls eating ice cream together. *halo*

*giggle* Yeah you just keep telling yourself that :)) Those two girls couldn't JUST eat ice cream together LOL!

*hands you some CLR to get the rust off that halo*


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