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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Fuck AT&T

So, after spending about an hour on the phone with the cable company, I found out that I don't get NHL Center Ice where I live.

Could they have told me this before they took my money? Guess not.


At least I get most of my Sharks games through FSN.

I'm not going to be reading/feedbacking/writing as much on HD anymore. I finally have interesting stuff to do at work, so I'm going to be doing that instead. :)

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Grrr idiots *shakes fist at at&t*

Awww less mae fic :( but having interesting stuff to do at work is cool

Yeah they're idiots. But it might work out better for me overall ... if I got Center Ice I might not be able to do anything but watch hockey. *giggle*

I will try to write during commercials, lol!

*giggles* yeah and that would be bad right?? :D

LOL commerical writing is good!!

Awww Mae, I'll miss you and your fics ::hugs::

- A

Mae, I just got Mae!Fic ideas!

Blue!Barry/Injured!Thorty hc! :D Squee! :)

::hugs Mae:: Don't be a stranga, Mae. ;)

- Alex

*squeals madly* They can cheer each other up and stuff ... sounds so very fun, Alex :)

*squeals madly* They can cheer each other up and stuff ... sounds so very fun, Alex :)

:) Keep in touch!

- Alex

So, after spending about an hour on the phone with the cable company, I found out that I don't get NHL Center Ice where I live.

Dump cable and get a satellite dish? I couldn't live without Center Ice during hockey season. *grin*

I am so tempted to! But then I wouldn't be able to tape Buffy and Gilmore Girls at the same time. *giggle* Or is that possible with a dish?

Yes it is possible if you pay $5 more a month for a second receiver ... ;)

Too bad you're in SF ... we could do a weekly record and swap, I have to tape Buffy every week for my brother which means I miss Gilmore Girls regularly (waiting for my brother to get his finances settled so we can get that second receiver though!)

By the way ... did you know we're the only two people on all of LJ that list Miikka Kiprusoff as an interest? He's the goalie doing the splits in my icon in my first comment. *grin*

I was gonna say I love that icon! :) And I love Miikka!!! He's the first hockey player I saw in person - he was in the snack area when I got to Sharks training camp. Damn these guys are tall in their skates. And he was so awesome in the pre-season game I went to (Avs/Sharks)!!!

Oh, what was I saying? Umm, hmm, I should probably do a cost comparison, cos' even with the extra receiver it might still be cheaper than my digital cable. Hey if you want, I can collect Gilmore Girls episodes for you and send it to you, since I'm taping it anyway.

Thanks for the idea - we might very well end up doing that since my roomie is incredibly upset that we don't get the Cartoon Network. *grin*

BTW, are you going to any Sharks games this season? I'm going to the Canucks one next next Monday (10/21), Pens (12/12) and Canucks (1/11).

I have a goalie fetish myself. My first hockey love was Irbe ... he did the splits during a game and I was in lust. *grin*

Thanks for the offer on the Gilmore Girls. I think a friend of mine is getting copies so we can watch them all together, but if that's not a go I'll let you know :)

Hehe, an LJ friend of mine just met Archie last night. :) Apparently his car still has San Jose dealer tags. *giggle*

Oooh I'm jealous. I've never met Archie. I have a game used stick of his up on my wall as well as two signed pictures that were given to me. Funny about his car ... but last I heard he still owns a house in the SF Bay Area so maybe he spends the summers out here?

That's pretty cool! I have, umm, no hockey paraphernalia at all. *giggle* I only started following hockey in the 2001 playoffs, and only got really interested during this year's playoffs. (*cries* We were so close)

*squeal* Game in 2 hours. I hope we play better than we did on Thursday. Grr.

We can't honestly play WORSE, can we? *wince*

I'm ODing on hockey right now ... trying to keep up on the Canes, Devils (so I can hi to Jeff Friesen), Toronto, and Habs.

As I said ... I love NHL Center Ice *grin*

*sigh* True. *sniffle* Nabby, Thorty ... come back!

You like the Canes? Eek! Or it just cos' of Archie? :) I love the Leafs - my favourite East team, and they're beating the Senators now! Yay!

Ack, Center Ice ... I'm seriously considering DirectTV now. *giggle*

Canes = Archie :)

Leafs = my Canadian team (although I will root for the Sens if the Leafs are playing the Sens and my brother is around just to annoy him *grin*) Although right now I have a hard time being a Leafs fan ... what with Belf*** as their goaltender. *gags* It hurt to see him even on the roster for Team Canada ... hurts to see him on the Leafs.

Sens won today with 21 seconds to go in regulation.

Aww ... I try not to look at Belfour. :P I love Mats, Darcy, Alyn, Rennie ... just a fun team to watch. :) Okay, running back to the game now!

Added you as a friend, hope you don't mind! :)

Not at all - added you too! And *squeal* Marco! Teemu! *hugs them both* And Miikka!!!!!!! *big hug for him* 1-0 Sharks! *hops*

1-1 *pouts*

But Miikka looks A LOT better tonight.


Re: Intermission ...

Miikkachu!!! I love that, lol!

Ugh, and dumbest penalty call ever. Grr.

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