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Living at the office

I spent all day at work yesterday. 9.30 AM to 11.30 PM. Eep. I wasn't working the whole time, but still ... *shudder*

We went home and I made a nutritious meal of Indomie special chicken ramen for the boys, while enjoying orgasmic cherry vanilla ice cream. Apparently my "pornographic moaning" was too much for Chip, and he had to have some as well. Dark chocolate flavour for him. Those two are the chocoholics in the household. Alex gets this strange gleam in his eye when he talks about Godiva, and Chip can't stop eating chocolate if it's in front of him.

Fake!world really rocks now. Apparently it's going to become part of MBP? Or already is? I'm kind of indifferent to it. The rockin' aspects of fake!world are the non-MBP aspects, but I don't see how it's going to hurt things. Soinlove with fake!MacT (holdyourtongues). *giggle* And fake!Sundin (mats)! *squeals*

And flanneryflyer and vivelegardien are goddess sisters of writing. *nods*

Right, back to work. *weeps*

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