The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
The Invincible M.A.E.

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How can it be Wednesday already?

Stolen from frala!
Magic Number16
JobPorn Star
PersonalityProcrastinator (If The Apathy Doesn't Kill Me)
TemperamentSweet Natured
SexualJust Say No
Likely To WinA Nobel Prize
Me - In A WordChinny
Brought to you by MemeJack

I am definitely going to have some cherry vanilla orgasmic ice cream when I get home. Fuck the kittens!

Haven't written in ages. Post-season slump? *giggle* The thing I'm most inspired to write right now is UAGP, thanks to SDQ's rafting pictures. ;) Oh dear, I'm starting to sound like a creepy 40-year-old pervert. Which is apparently exactly what I am, according to the spam I receive.
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