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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I'm high on life!

I just came back from the gym, so I'm all glowy and pumped right now.

On the way to the gym, I saw a homeless guy curled up in his cardboard box, lying on his side reading a book and he had a little teddy bear pressed against his cheek. It was so adorable I almost squealed.

At lunch, we were talking about weddings and Vegas and bachelor parties ...
MAE: Giguere's getting married soon!
CHIP: (knowingly) Well, there aren't going to be any strippers at that bachelor party.
MAE: *starts choking*
ALEX: (innocently) What?
CHIP: Goalie gangbang!
MAE: *chokes more*
ALEX: That's sick and wrong!
MAE: *needs Heimlich Maneuver*

Ahh, I'm so proud of Chip. *wipes tear*

Also, Alex seems to have told his ex-stepbrother that I write slash, which is all well and good, but then his ex-stepbrother tells me, "I haven't read your stories yet." And I'm thinking, "Why would you want to?" Alex thinks he may not have explained the concept of slash all that well.

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MAE: *needs Heimlich Maneuver*

Great, now I'll be doing Eddie Izzard one liners in my head all night. :P

*blinks* Sorry, who's that? *giggle*

English comedian (he's an executive transvestite). He does a whole segment on the invention of the Heimlich maneuver.

*giggle* Actually just thinking about how that came about is inherently funny, as is the Heimlich Maneuver itself. :P

hi, you posted in canadakicksass like a bazillion years ago that you were looking for the canada nail polish stuff, are you still? Cause I saw some yesterday.

Yes I am! I probably won't get it in time for my trip though. Was it in a national store that I might be able to visit when I get to Ottawa?

Thanks so much for keeping an eye out for it for me this long!

gads, what a horrid sentence that was!

Yes, it was in People's drug mart I beleive they are all across canada and sally Hansen makes them :)

no prob

Great! It's Sally Hansen that has the USA polish here too. Shouldnt' be too hard to find I hope!

Thanks for the heads up!

*hugs Chip* LOL that rocks!!

*dies laughing* *hugs chip*

I think Kyria woul be an excellent stripper, and my vote for no? Keith Carney, he does not strike me as a man who can groove.

Oh dude, Paul would be an awesome stripper! *shoves bills into his G-string*

mmmm stripping paul, me likes!

LMAO! Right on, Chip! Ahhh you have successfully curropted him, Mae!

*giggle* I have. He comes up with slashier stuff than me half the time now. :)

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