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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mae in the great outdoors!

Went hiking yesterday at Mount Tamalpais. Hiked all the way down to the beach and back up again. Didn't see any people having sex on the trail, which is what Chip saw the last time he went hiking. Sad thing is that he had to overtake them at some point. They looked very embarrassed. He said, "Well, you want to make sure you check for ticks." They were amused.

Haven't gone in months and am horribly out of shape, but it was actually pretty okay. 7 miles round-trip and 1500 foot elevation change, but not much up and down stuff. It was pretty gradual all the way. I felt great while hiking. Why is exercise one of those things that makes me dread it, yet is really enjoyable while I'm doing it?

More food gushing! I love Terra potato chips, especially the Yukon gold ones. Yummy! And Mighty Leaf tea! The african nectar flavour is awesome.

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its painful just to think about it. i'm horribly out of shape too. i think about 80% of america is. you're not alone!

Wow, you must be real fit to hike 7 miles of steep terrain. I agree with you it must be pretty fun.

Does Chip still have long hair tied in a pony tail? And Tika has ticks again so using flea powder on her.

Since you do weights you must be really strong anyway. To improve endurance, I suggest more treadmill or outdoors running. Let me know if it makes a difference. Personally I like the gym's indoor spinning program. It gives a very intense workout for a short span of time, even better than running. Now it's so hot outdoors, I'm going swimming every week to enjoy the sun in the water.

See ya


It was listed as a "moderate" hike. I've done 11-mile hikes before that were much more tiring. :P

He actually just cut his hair today, but it can still be tied back.

I hate running. :P But in some ways it's good because I get story ideas.

Went hiking yesterday at Mount Tamalpais.

I'm jealous! I've been wanting to hike or camp there for a while. Especially Muir Woods. Just never gotten up there yet...

I admire the fact you can just get off the couch and hike 7 miles though, and claim your out of shape. I think it'd kill me! ;)

I love Terra potato chips, especially the Yukon gold ones.

The Yukon Gold salt'n'vinegar chips are total crack. My SO of the time and I bought a bag to try 'em, and wound up eating the whole thing in one sitting. We couldn't put them down!

It's really pretty. :) But you have Big Basin right there! Well, not exactly right there, but pretty nearby. *giggle*

Muir Woods is really nice. I went there during salmon spawning season once and we got to see them swim upstream and stuff.

Hey, I just said 7 miles - didn't mention the pace! :P

Mmm ... the one I really love is the onion and garlic. The yogurt & green onion is great too. And I tend to finish the whole bag at once by myself, lol! It's probably a good thing I don't get to buy them too often. ;)

But Big Basis is right here, so it's boring! Mt. Tamalpais is up *there*! :)

I haven't tried the other Terra Chips, but now I'm hungry!

But Big Basin is right here, so it's boring! Mt. Tamalpais is up *there*! :)

I haven't tried the other Terra Chips, but now I'm hungry!

Actually, my favourite place is Purisima Creek, along Skyline Ridge. We're probably equidistant from it. :P

Mount Tam is great though. On that hike you get a great view of Marin and SF on the first part, and the second part is by the ocean. :)

Mmm, me too!

I love Terra chips too! :D Yum!


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