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Just fake it.

What is this fake world thing I speak of? Must Be Pop

I'm mighty amused at the gathering storm between the fake hockey players and fake figure skaters. I was wondering if the appearance of hillicane and the revelation of the nature of his relationship with bret_hedican would cause the fake figure skaters to explode in a shower of sequins.

Chip was horribly outraged by the existence of fake figure skaters. He took the existence of a fake pet chinchilla of a fake hockey player in stride, but apparently fake figure skaters are an abomination. What do they do anyway? From the little I've seen, they just prance about being pretty and happy, and comment in each others journals about how pretty and happy each other are. They don't even have big lesbian orgies! Or at the very least, nasty catfights. They seem to being having fun with it, which is the most important thing, but it just doesn't interest me.

That being said, I am so happy with fake world lately. Especially with the appearance of MacT (holdyourtongues), Martin Havlat (martinhavlat) and Patrik Elias(patrikelias). It is so you, by the way. It's fantastic. :P

I was hoping to go hiking today at some point, but Chip came home stumbling drunk last night so I'm not sure what time he'll wake up. I'm not sure what the allure of driving way the fuck out to some hills and traipsing about under trees is for me, because I'm utterly indifferent to nature's majesty and whatnot, but I sort of enjoy it.

I'm actually considering walking 100 feet up the hill and braving the lecherous shop owner just so I can have orgasmic ice cream! That should tell y'all how good it is. Stonyfield Farm organic vanilla. Mmm ... Ahh, I said shop! Is that a colonialism? It sounds like it. Store sounds like the one and only American word.
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