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Day of Insanity

I have enough sleep today! That means I'm so happy I'm even more insane than usual! And Tammy and Lira are done with school, which technically has nothing to do with me, but I'll just take the opportunity to experience the joy and relief vicariously. :D

My day of joy was enhanced by finding out that the porn and cigarette shop that I buy Naked Juice from sells Yan Yan! It doesn't have Naked Juice anymore, unfortunately, but I was so overjoyed by the Yan Yan that I didn't care.

I took a while to get to sleep last night, possibly because I was laughing hysterically at Chip asking me if PJ (petrjunior) was gay or bi.

My hair is so fucking long, but I'm too lazy to cut it. Maybe I should get a chinchilla, then I could get a haircut chinchilla-style!

I haven't watched the awards show yet, but I have it taped and I've heard enough squealing from all y'all that I'm very excited to see it. I look forward to Stevie/Shanny lovin', Foppa/Nazzy lovin', MartyBrodie sexy Frenchings, Hatcher uhh ... Hatcher not looking too much like a neanderthal, Foppa Mario/Pens bashing, etc etc. I'm also glad that Al's boyfriend, uhh, I mean, Barret won the Calder. I thought he was really amazing, actually, and I'm glad that him being a defensive defenseman didn't stop him from winning it.
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