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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Day of Insanity

I have enough sleep today! That means I'm so happy I'm even more insane than usual! And Tammy and Lira are done with school, which technically has nothing to do with me, but I'll just take the opportunity to experience the joy and relief vicariously. :D

My day of joy was enhanced by finding out that the porn and cigarette shop that I buy Naked Juice from sells Yan Yan! It doesn't have Naked Juice anymore, unfortunately, but I was so overjoyed by the Yan Yan that I didn't care.

I took a while to get to sleep last night, possibly because I was laughing hysterically at Chip asking me if PJ (petrjunior) was gay or bi.

My hair is so fucking long, but I'm too lazy to cut it. Maybe I should get a chinchilla, then I could get a haircut chinchilla-style!

I haven't watched the awards show yet, but I have it taped and I've heard enough squealing from all y'all that I'm very excited to see it. I look forward to Stevie/Shanny lovin', Foppa/Nazzy lovin', MartyBrodie sexy Frenchings, Hatcher uhh ... Hatcher not looking too much like a neanderthal, Foppa Mario/Pens bashing, etc etc. I'm also glad that Al's boyfriend, uhh, I mean, Barret won the Calder. I thought he was really amazing, actually, and I'm glad that him being a defensive defenseman didn't stop him from winning it.

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The tape arrived today. Thanks! :)

yan yan!!!! *loves* I need to be on the look out for the chocoalte with the white dip *nods*

hee Chinchilla-stlye! *giggles* so fucking awesome

porn and cigrette shops rock

Ahh, that's the one I bought! Chocolate with white dip. :D

*giggle* *loves spoothbrush*

They do! This one is light on porn and heavy on cigarettes. Not that I buy either, lol.

mmm definitely gots to find that lol

she rocks!

ahhhhh *buys porn fom them*

The only time I bought porn (for myself, and not for my dad, lol) was when I was 16. It was in Hong Kong and I was so worried they'd ask for my ID - I think the age limit was 18. :P

Me and my friends looked through it on the plane back. They were all grossed out. I was turned on. *embarrassed face*

that rocks *hugs you* :)

Eeeeep... best moment of the night (other than Robert Esche being awesome) was Barret's gushing over Al... and they show Al and he looks all proud and ohhhhh... so cute :)

okay how did I miss is pj gay or bi? *dies* ahh chip is hilarious

I couldn't stop laughing! He comes up with the weirdest things! And this is coming from me! *giggle*

(Deleted comment)
Oh dear! The sad thing is that I can picture that perfectly. :(

Ahh, I love it when the boys speak French. Even Roy looked somewhat normal when did it last year.

Hah! Hatcher looked like an escaped convict murderer with an ax! Freaaaaaaaky.

But dude, Marty *swoooooooooooooon*

*laughs* chip asks the best questions, seriously.

a chinchilla haircut would certainly save money. you'd only have pay the once to get the little rat. :P

ahh...the awards were so great. you'll love it, for all the thigns you mentioned.
lol, hatcher did only look slightly neanderthal-esque. stillnot completely normal tho.
barret was very deserving of the calder, even if i did grow to dislike him during the playoffs (all for bert's sake, of course :P).

He's an endless source of amusement. :)

Shh, they get offended when you call them rats. ;)

*giggle* Swar said Hatcher looked like an escaped convict with an axe (hatchet?). :P

Dude, I hated that he shut Bert down, but I respected him for it. Just like I thought he was the biggest punk when he played the Sharks. *shakes fist*

lol, did i say rat? i think i meant cute , fuzzy bestest pet ever. ;)

hehe. i thought he didn't look too scary on the actual awards, but is saw him being interviewed before hand and he looked like the goon that he is. :P missing only the axe, for sure.

gah. he is the biggest punk, but he's so good at what he does you can't help but respect it. :( so annoying.

Hatcher has this problem where he looks and talks like a neanderthal, even if what he's saying is quite intelligent.

*giggle* He's a pest!

lol absolutely...wait, did you say hatcher and intelligent without "isn't" between them? ;) and in other hatcher news, even tho he doesn't (really) have a mullet anymore, that's still the only way i can picture him. :P

a pesty-pest. :)

Really, close your eyes when he's talking and ... oh wait, he still sounds like a neanderthal. Umm, read interviews with him. :D

PJ's chinchillasexual.



If PJ was a rapper, would he be called Chinchilla Ice?

Dude, Mae, they sell Yan Yan at Safeway. Cop that shit.

Foppa looked disturbingly sex at awards show. *flush*

The nearest Safeway is really far from me. :(

*shrieks* Everyone was saying that! *weeps copiously*

I took a while to get to sleep last night, possibly because I was laughing hysterically at Chip asking me if PJ was gay or bi.

If the real-life Sykora gets another chinchilla and names him EJ...

This is just a notice to let you know i've friended you. You've had me added for a while, so you know who I am already, and i'm sorry I don't post all that much any more, but you're a fun read, so i've gladly returned the favor.


Ahh, thank you! I saw your posts to the hockey community LJ I think. :) Plus you're a friend of EP and spoothbrush so I friended you. :D

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