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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jigga WHAT?

Oops, I forgot to blame, err, give credit to, fetisha for the icon, for surprising me pleasantly with the phrase "Jiggy's packin'!" and also for pointing out that he was, indeed, packin'.

Chip's last word on the topic is that if it was indeed not fabric, then Jigga's not very well-endowed.

I'm heading to the post office sometime later today, so branwynelf and spoothbrush, you should get your tape on either Saturday or Monday. I ran out of blank tapes, so there's random crap on the rest of the tape. Dude, Petr is so sexy. It's craziness. It made me all squiggly to hear him gush about Jigga, too. :D

So, hockey season is over.

Well, that was a lot of fun. This was the first hockey season I've followed closely. I don't follow any other sports at all, and I'm not interested in them because, well, hockey is better (to me). :P

The stuff I tend to write in here is about players and slashy observations and stuff, but I'd still really enjoy the game even if it were just faceless bodies skating around on the ice. I only got into watching hockey because Alex and Chip bought NHL 2001 for the Playstation, and I started playing a little bit. I could barely see the puck, but that's okay because when you start out, you just "big hit" everything in sight, and it's a sound strategy. :) Then I saw a game on TV and I was like, "Ooh, this is kind of like the video game, but with real people!"

My tastes have changed completely. When I first started watching, I was all about the finesse players and pretty plays, and I thought fighting was stupid. And now, I'm all about the havoc in front of the net and ugly goals and my favourite player is Scott Thornton. :D

Hockey is just such a fun game to watch. Things are always happening, some guys skate so beautifully (Owen!), and there are so many pretty, smart plays, and it's truly a team sport, where a team can be much more than the sum of its parts. *peers at the Ducks and the Wild* And how cool is it to watch a professional sport where the players (well, most of them, anyway) really care about the game?

That's a big part of why I'm such a team slut. :P I just love the game in general. I can appreciate pretty much all of these teams just because they're hockey teams. ;) Although a few are really gross and cause feelings of disgust and repulsion. *giggle*

Too stupid and too sleepy, shouldn't have babbled. Oh well. Here's to next season. *toasts*

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the icon is kinda hypnotic if you stare at it *giggles*

*loves being a team slut* ahhhhhh disgust and repulsion *grin* I'm feeling for very few teams but they get a lot of it *giggle*

*squish hug* just cause

ROFL!!! Just like PJ's icon. But for different reasons. :D

*loves it too* *wears T-shirt* Yeah, I basically have it concentrated on those teams. But only one is so foul that it taints all of its players. The others if a dude is traded I can like them. :D


*g* yes *loves PJ' icon*

*wears shirt* *nods* Ihave one team that is just feh! :( *giggle* I can put up with a lot for a few people that I like lol

*giggle* More love is always good!

Haha. I keep picturing how nervous he was. How he kept putting his hands in his lap and shit. It was adorable.

Just don't let me see him cry again.

He was really, really sweet. :D


I love you, you rock! I just had to say that. Hockey really is the best sport ever, Im Biased but I don't care because I'm right ;)

That is the craziest ICON ever, and made me dieing laughing. You are your ICONs, I've decided you have to make me one, design one I don't know.. but you gotta. Because I freakin adore them. Ha.

Im so depressed that Hockey is over, the Draft is coming, but gosh a couple of months with no hockey.. I'm going to die. I miss it SO much already. =/

I want a tape of Petr talking about Jiggy! I'm jealous... jealous I tell you! JEALOUS!

LOL! Love you too! :D

*giggle* Glad you found it funny! I'd be happy to make you one! I'm not that good at it ... still playing around. What do you want it be about? :P

*sigh* It hasn't quite sunk in that it's over. I'm so getting Center Ice next season.

He was gushing about how Jiggy made that save in Game 1 of the Wild series. Socute!

I think you are great at ICONs so shush. I'd have ot think about a really cool Hockey Idea.. you have to help me. Ha. We'll brain storm..Its gotta be greeeeat.

Awww Petr gushing.. How cute. Ha

And that ICON is STILL getting me. Its just freakin hilarious.

Thank you! And yes, we'll brainstorm about it. *giggle* They are so fun to make. :)

Petr's adorable. *tickles him* *feeds his chinchilla treats*


Ha! Thanks for showing me that. :)

Welcome. Figured you'd be amused.

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