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The Invincible M.A.E.

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GIP, and then some

So this is mostly a GIP. But I thought I'd share my wonderful experience of enjoying packin'!Jigga, including Chip's reaction. :)

MAE: Oh my God, he's so fucking packin'!
CHIP: No, he's not!
MAE: He is! *points excitedly* Look at that!
CHIP: *wanders off to fold laundry*
MAE: Come back! Look, you can see it more clearly now!
CHIP: No! Straight guys don't like looking at other guys' equipment! Just FYI.
MAE: Okay, he lifted his hand. See? See?
CHIP: That's just fabric!
MAE: No! He's packin'!
CHIP: Okay, look at this! *sits down* *starts bunching up pants in crotch area, forming bulge* Look! He just has like starched or pressed pants or whatever.
MAE: But his is all shapely and stuff!
CHIP: *tries to shape fabric into penis-like bulge*
MAE: He's packin'!
CHIP: *leaves to fold more laundry*

[Edit: Oh Lari? Can I have your address so I can mail the tape to you? Send it to the email on my LJ user info page. :)]

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ahhhh *loves th icon* *dies* and hahahaha Chip put on a show for ya *snickers* that rocks. *stares at Jiggy more* mmmmm

Thank you! :D He tried so hard to prove to me that it was just fabric. *giggle* He was all outraged and stuff.

*dies* Ahhh, that is the best!! *loves* :D

I say there is a flaw in Chip's theory, I mean, surely the kind of fabric Jiggy's wearing is too soft to bunch up that much ;P *giggles*

Thank you! :D

I'll ask him about that. :)

What in the name of all that's Sub-Holy....



*dies again*

That is WAY too shapely to be a random fabric bulge, yo!

Re: What in the name of all that's Sub-Holy....

Dude, it was so shapely. And large.

*dies* mae, you fucking rock! i love that icon. and that conversation is the best. and you got a demo! *cracks up* dude, i can't stop laughing...

i think i agree about jiggy's pants being too soft to bunch like that. i still conclude he's packin'. :D

*giggle* Thank you! He was really trying hard (no pun intended) to prove his point!

He was so packin'. *grin*

*dies* I love you, that is awesome.

You and Chip crack me up.
Point, it is definitely so soft a material to be anything other than a genuine Jiggy packing bulge :))))

Thanks! Love you too. :)

Exactly! It was all molded and stuff.

I love your icon. He's SO packin'.

And hey...that's one way to get him to fold laundry!

Thanks. :D He so is!

He folds his own laundry, of course! *giggle*

omg, that icon is the most frickin' hilarious thing i've ever seen.

looks like he's packin' to me...

Thanks! Glad it could amuse. ;)

He's even packinger in the rest of the interview! *gasp*

I'm jealous of the icon. ;c)

Jamie said the same thing about the fabric, which makes sense, but when even when he's standing up, he's pretty noticable.

I want to state the record, I do NOT go out of my way to check out guys crotches on a daily basis.

We love Giguere's jiggy.

HA. I'm showering and going to work now. Thanks for my morning amusement, Mae. :c)

Dude, you are my inspiration for that icon! *hugs*

That's what I thought at first, but the more I looked at it (and I looked at it a lot), the less convinced I was that it was just bunched up. :P

Dude, that thing was like, obscuring his navel. It was kind of obvious.

Bwahahaha! Giguere's jiggy!!!

You're very welcome. :P

Oh gods that icon!!! I almost got coffee up my nose from laughing!

*giggle* Glad it amused. :) Sending your tape out today, by the way! :D

LOL!!! Methinks he's jealous? ;)

*laughs* Too funny, Mae!


Umm, no comment. *coughs*

Glad you found it funny. :)

Ahaha, I missed that interview but that icon...! Oh, that made my morning. :)

He was very sweet and nervous and shy and stuff during his interview. It was very cute. :)

Glad it amused! :)

Oh. Man. Mae, you get the award for killing me on the first day in agesandages that I've had time to check my LJfriends.


Woo!!! *raises award in victory*

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