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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jiggy's packin'!

Good luck on your final, Tammy. :)

I just got to work and I can't wait to get home, lol. I have a couple of things to watch on the TiVo: Petr on Cool Shots and JS on The Tonight Show. I'm more excited to see Jigga, though, because, as fetisha says, Jiggy's packin'! This has since been confirmed by everyone who's seen it. Apparently he was blushy and nervous and confused too. Damn him for being so perfect! Damn him, I say! And then I will watch smiley, dorky Petr and explode into a million pieces.

How am I going to deal with hockey withdrawal? Maybe if I get really low, I'll put NHL2K3 in computer vs computer mode and pretend it's a real game. *snickers* Lots of ficcage on HD, so that will help.

Jiggy's packin'! Ha! I love saying that! Thanks so much, Dev! *hugs* I'm going to be shrieking that at Chip randomly tonight all night I'm sure.

I am wearing a skirt today in case I head over to the Java One convention where we have a booth. This is as opposed to my T-shirt and jeans no make-up or earrings or brushed hair daily look. If I'm confident that I can walk out of the house and not have rocks thrown at because of my appearance, I'm pretty satisfied. I'm usually the one tapping my feet as I wait for Chip to pick out his clothes and primp and preen. (LOL, I typed pimp instead of primp at first.)

Earl Grey tea is wonderful. Back to work.

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Dammmmmmmmmmn. Can I get any of this off of you? I'm more interested in Sykie, but... :D

I watch NHL2002 in computer vs. computer all the freakin' time during the offseason. It's sad.

Need to call rink! Yikes.

Sure! I'll tape it for you tonight. :)

It's kind of surprising how watchable it is, isn't it? I got major A-Line nostalgia once and played NHL2001 vs the Senators and beat them 15-0. Petr scored 6 goals, Jason scored 5 and Patrik scored 4. :D I was trying to get Patrik to score more, but he was more hesitant to follow Jason into the zone than Petr was. *giggle*

More hesi... I don't think that there's anything that I can say in response to that, you know. But he was the only one on that line who had all his original teeth, at least at the time that they won the Cup.

Well, I've always thought Patrik was the smartest of the three. :P

Jason I'd expect to be kind of beaten up. But Petr's pretty tough! He hangs out in front of the net and battles for pucks and stuff. *loves*

Petr is not a wimp, but he's... he's not... he is not a particularly threatening-looking presence. I would be more worried about Arnie falling on me. I think that Patrik is probably the smart one, though, yes.

he is not a particularly threatening-looking presence
May I use that in a fic at some point? *giggle*

I almost died laughing when I saw that he took a roughing penalty in some game. I wish I could have seen the actual penalty.

I wouldn't mind Arnie falling on me under the right circumstances. *coughs*

Yes, of course:
I just want to know what exactly he was roughing. Not like *that*.
I would mind. The rest of the line would be OK, though.

I'd like to know too! He was all feisty when he rushed into that fray when Madden got sliced though.

Aww, what's wrong with Arnie? :)

Ooo, feistySykie.

I'm just not as into that sort of Canadian-farmboy look. Also I don't quite trust him. Also it would probably *hurt*.

Ahh, I wasn't either, too, at first, but he won me over with his dim-witted charm.

lol it is fun to say. and oh so true :D

I'm all excited now! (I think I'm going to be accused of kitten killing again)

I couldn't believe that!

He moved his hands and I just went "HELLO!"

I'm amazed his fiancee isn't like in pain! Seriously!

Re: I couldn't believe that!

Ha. Now I'm really excited, LOL!

If I'm confident that I can walk out of the house and not have rocks thrown at because of my appearance, I'm pretty satisfied.

Awww Mae!! Who would throw rocks at you??? You're so cute! *hisses at them*


Okay, perhaps that was extreme, but it was fun to say. :)


Lol *cuddle* You're cute too.


Hahahaahaha oh god. I had to watch it again today. I showed my friend and asked her what she noticed first about it.

Her: He's got a boner or he's packing.

Haha.. case closed.

Hmm, either way I think it's really cute. :)

*cracks up* jiggy's packin'! he so is. :P that whole interview jsut killed me, it was way too cute, and funny and he's way too hot without that damn beard.

gah. i completely missed petr on cool shots. i expected it to be on yesterday, but i could only find it listed in the tv guide for sunday and monday, which i of course discovered after the fact. i'm so mad. :( no smily dorky petr for me. *grumbles*

So can't wait to watch it! *jumps up and down* He's so awesome. :D

Hmm, maybe you can watch it on nhl.com?

*nods* so very awesome. :D

maybe... i don't think my computer likes to play video form that site, but it's worth a try. anything for petr. lol.

Your icon scares me. I just wanted to come here directly and say that. :)

I realized this week, with the forehead-slapping it deserves, that you were not on my friends list. Why were you not on my friends list? You're a fellow Thorty worshipper! How could I overlook this?

I have rectified this.

And I'm posting here because, yes, there is withdrawl. *twitch* Hate it. Hate it soooooo much. :)

Thanks, I think. :P

*shrieks* I think I wanted to add you long ago and but I was in my "everyone will think I'm freakish because of the slash!" mode and didn't add anyone I didn't already know from somewhere else :P

It's gonna be a looooooooooooong summer. :(

I will admit that slash ain't my cup of tea, but I have somehow surrounded myself with a lot of female friends very into slash. I puzzle at this in my frequent introspective moments.

I'm okay with it, as long as I have the means to avoid *reading* it at my choosing. :) But people talking about their love of slash won't send me off.

Besides, there's freakish, and *freakish*. And a hockey freak is a good freak in my book. :)

It seems like everyone on LJ is at the very least slash-tolerant. Maybe it's to do with the writing thing.

Sometimes I post snippets to my LJ, but they're always with warning and behind cuts. My sisters read my LJ, after all! *giggle*

*cheers for hockey freaks*

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