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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sykora prepared to meet the media in the dressing room but when the horde swarmed into the room, Sykora's chin sunk to his chest and a team official stood in front of him and quietly said, "Guys?" Sykora painfully made his way to an off-limits room.

"Well, I'm pretty sad," Giguere said. "This is obvious. My main reason to win the Stanley Cup was for my mom. She's been watching every game at home. She lives for that and she's not doing well right now. I would have really liked to win that for her. It was in the back of my mind the whole time."

Poor Petr. The second Finals he's lost in three years. :( To be so close to it, all of them, eep.

It's really cool that the celebration is in the a parking lot and there's no parade.

I still don't really get why the Devils are evil. There's a team I thought was semi-evil in the playoffs but everyone seems to love them. *shrugs*

[Edit: I phrased this misleadingly. I mean, I don't find the Devils evil, but a lot of people seem to, and I don't understand why they do.]

Blah, didn't really sleep last night. Should be a great day. ;)

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Bah, I can't cry this early in the morning! *cries anyways* Winning in a game 7 is sweet but losing...it just seems so cruel *cuddles ducklings*

I'm sorry! *hugs* It just makes it that more painful. Oh God, the last time Petr lost, it was Game 7 too ...

ahhhhhhh *cuddles Petr* That is so fucking sad. ahhhh so evil. *hugs JS too* Poor guys *sniffle*

*hugs* I didnt sleep much either but a little bit *g* and remind me to ask you what team you thought was evil when I talk to you :) The Devils arent evil, I dont like them in that I follow them at all and I am a Ranger fan :P but not evil :)

So, so sad for them. :(

*hugs* I think we were traumatized, LOL!!! I actually don't find the Devils evil; I was just wondering why other people do. Hmm, I should rephrase that.

*goes to edit*

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*sniff* jsut when i think i'm starting to feel better, i hear something else so sad.

*cuddles petr* so close again, and to lose to his old team. that's almost got to be worse. :(

i actually don't think the devils are evil either. i'd be happy they won if it weren't for my ducky pain.

I'm sorry! *hugs* Maybe I should have put a warning in my post. :(

God, its so sad. Sykora... It must be crazy for him right now playing against the Devils, and losing twice but being so close. It kills me, I love Sykora. I love them all. Its so hard, If I look at pictures I just want to cry, I dont want ot see anyone sad. And it always hurts. But goodness... Lordy.

Emotional rollercoaster over here because I adore the Devils and the Ducks.

But Im glad the Devils won, its just so hard tosee the Ducks sad too... It hurts!

The Devils aren't evil and I really don't understand why they more than anyone, well not anyone, but a lot have like anti-fans. I just don't get it.

Sigh.... my head hurts.

*sniffles* Yeah, I feel so damn bad for all of them.

I'm more on the side of being sad for the Ducks, but not so sad because at least the Devils won.

Maybe because they keep winning? ;)


*tears up again*

*cries some more*

*shrugs* I don't see why people think the Devils are evil either. I mean, I understand people hating Stevens. He's just that kind of player. But the rest of the team...I don't get it. *shrug*

And blaming the Devils for their fans being classless is just plain illogical. The Devils have no control over the people in the stands.

That one was kind of strange. The Devils themselves were applauding Giguere.

I don't hate the Devils, I'm just still holding a grudge against them because of the '95 Cup Finals. *giggle* *is a world-class grudge-holder* /silliness

LOL, I wasn't even watching hockey then. I haven't had time to build up grudges. *giggle*

LOL. People always find it funny that I love the Devs because their reasoning is that I should hate them since they swept the Wings in '95. Marty Brodeur is too awesome to be hated. Devs rock!

I pretty much base my like/dislike of teams on the team character, or lack of one. (I hate teams that don't have identities) Also, I haven't followed long enough to develop grudges. :P

Brodeur is great. :)

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