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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Poor baby!

Sharks Left Wing Scott Thornton has been placed on the injured reserve list by San Jose due to pain in his left shoulder. Thornton is scheduled to be evaluated later this week to determine the severity of the injury.

*cries* Ugh, and Theo suspended indefinitely ... I hope they both come back soon. *sniffles*

I need to write some smut now to get rid of my frustration. Umm, not with the two of them together. Although that might be interesting.

Feel strangely like I need to be doing something, but I don't know what. Maybe I need kisses. *giggle*

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Poor Thornty *huggles him*

And yes poor Theo. I think I need to cuddle him.

And kisses for you *MUAH*

Thank you! Mmm what lovely kisses :)

*hugs scott and Theo*

and you :)

awww mae *tons of kisses* :))

*nod* They definitely need hugging :(

And whee! Tons of kisses! *buried* *giggles* Thanks Frala :)

they so do *hugs them again*

and you are more than welcome Mae :D

you never know, I mean, it COULD be revenge for the mascot thing. *pimps for Theo/Thorty* ahem.

*kiss* MUAH!

LOL! Theo/Thorty makes me laugh :) But maybe that's a good thing?


*smooches more*

Yes! good thing! *pimps it*

It's lucky I got Scott/Arnie out of my system. It's giving me immunity from this. *grin*

*makes out wildly*

Aww, why?

*gigglewink* sounds nice

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