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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I love hockey

Congrats to the Devils on winning the Cup, and especially to Friesen, who was "before my time", but who I still like on virtue of being an ex-Shark. :P They were the better team tonight, and they deserved the win.

Haven't read any LJ entries yet. I hope everyone behaved. ;)

I'm not sad and I'm not disappointed. I cried during the handshakes, but that was kind of a emotion of the moment thing. I felt so bad for Jiggy, though. And I respect him for just crying quietly like that. Yeah, I'm weird that way. *sniffles for him winning the Conn Smythe*

And because this is the last time I get to make a slashy observation this season, did anyone notice the announcer talking about wanting to jump into Jiggy's body? :)

So proud of the Ducklings for making it as far as they did. They definitely exceeded my expectations (after the first round :P).

*hugs for Ducklings and Devils fans* Hockey is the best sport in existence. :)

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"Hockey is the best sport in existence. :)"

what will i do without it during the summer?


back to the old taped games i go! lol.

LOL! I was gonna suggest that. :P

LoL, you're a much more mature sports fan than I am. I just turn into a weepy sobbing mess, muttering "Why?!?" Every once in awhile :*)

*cuddles jiggy and the ducklings* They done good yo :)

Well, if it was the Sharks I'm sure I would be depressed until the next season started, lol!

They were awesome. So proud of them. :)


*hugs* ahhh I love hockey :) It reallis the best sport!!!

I was wondering if you were going to find slash material in the fact that Giguere let *two* goals in five-hole tonight. Problems getting his legs together?

It was a good game.

*grin* Yes, I wonder what he's been up to lately. *peers at fake!Ducklings*

*nods* hockey rocks. love it to bits. :)

aaah...when i'm cheering for a specific team, i get so disappointed if they lose and it's hard for me to be happy for the winners. but they devils definitely deserved to win tonight, they were just flying. tomorrow i'll be able to appreciate that more.

lol about the announcer wanting to jump into jiggy's body!

I liked the Devils, so it was a lot less painful. But seeing the Ducklings so sad ... :(

I love you Mae.

Haven't read any LJ entries yet. I hope everyone behaved. ;)

For the most part, yes.


Aww, I love you too, Alex :)


Hockey is the best sport in existence. :)

Yes...yes it is. :)

Since both teams played well overall, I'm pretty happy with the way everything turned out. Sure, I might have been happier with a different ending, but for Anaheim to come as far as they did was pretty amazing, right? I'm just sad that it's all over. So now the long wait begins...

Yeah, it was a great series. Talk about home ice advantage. ;) I'm really really proud of them. *sighs*

At least I have fic to keep me going through the summer. *laughs*

Hockey is the best sport in existence. :)

-- Amen! I have no concept of other sports. What's other sports? *blinks*

It was a terrific playoffs and its too bad that someone had to lose in this awesome series. But this is a great start for the Ducks. *hugs*

*giggle* Good point! I don't watch other sports at all. :P

It was great. :) I''m so incredibly proud of them. *hugs*

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