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This is it!

I've been nervous for like two days straight. I'm going to be nervous until the game is over tonight. I can't even think right now about the game. Think about Ducklings? Blank. Think about Devils? Blank. Think about what the game is going to be like? Blank. Which is, I think, just about the best state of mind to have to watch the game. :D

Either way, it's going to be a long four months until the next season starts. At least this time I know there's reading and writing fic to ease the withdrawal. I know I'm going to be weepy as hell tonight no matter who wins. If the Ducklings win, there will be like, tears for a week, lol. If the Devils win, I'll still be happy for them because I like them. Me, and three other people. ;) But I'd still cry because this is like the first full season of hockey I've followed and I'm dorky and overly sentimental like that.

From last night:

CHIP: This guy was staring at me the entire time I was showering at the gym.
MAE: Guys checking you out again, huh?
CHIP: Yes, this always happens. Maybe I should become gay. (pause) Don't quote me on that.

I have a Worst Case Scenario desktop calendar. Today's entry is:

How to Survive a Trip over a Waterfall

  1. Take a deep breath just before going over the edge.
  2. Go over the falls feet first.
  3. Jump out and away from the edge of the falls just before you go over, and cover your head with your arms.
  4. Start swimming immediately upon hitting the water, even before you surface.
  5. Swim downstream, away from the falls.
    It is essential that you avoid being trapped behind the waterfall or on the rocks underneath.

All that really did is convince me that I would never survive going over a waterfall. :)

Gah, there's no way I can go to the gym today. I'm leaving at 5 to go home and watch the game.
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