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Stopped crying now

Hmm, if this season is any indication, I will be in tears from April to June every year.

Paul! God, I was so scared when I just saw him lying flat like that, and when he got up I was like, "Phew! It could have been worse ..." But then I was sad cos' I thought he would be out of the next game with a concussion. :(

And then he came back and I started crying. And then he scored a goal and I cried again. And then Petr scored a goal and I shrieked madly. (He was really good the whole game, too)

Unfortunately, this means I have to post either JS!fic on Monday or write something new. Thanks to IHC, I have suggestions of Carney/Sauer, Chistov/Krog, Stumpy (with himself, apparently). I also had a fluffy Petr/Paul bunny involving light sabers (Paul's a big Star Wars geek) given to me by Chip of all people, so I might end up doing that, after all their angst. :P

[Edit: I have been informed that it's Stumpy/Rucchin, not Stumpy/his stump.]

The announcers are going a bit too far (paraphrased): There is no greater honor an athlete can get from his coach, than to have him put his arm around him, and put his cheek against his cheek ...

I think it's time for more ice cream!
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