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Fun with the meme machine!

*quacks sadly*

Too tired and sleepy and stupid for real update. Spam instead!

Meme machine fun, stolen from spoothbrush.

No Assembly Required
No want
some Mortal Kombat? Sure. Petr asked, picking
the edge. No, not making
it ... briefly.
Beg, you? Petr as
he drifted into
him to load

Equilateral Bernie somehow we move
the gentle breeze blessedly relieving
my ear, and right I
push him
right here and he
ever change in a
pair of his
jawline. smiling into writing a winner and it but he
does he turns around, me,
bend you thinking about, a
mess of the counter, and gripping
me, a
machine at the hallway. to devour me. as we can play.
a shelf, sending sharp pain and
the sharp Paul no such a

Freedom Petr liked him. to start giggling tickling
Jason felt guilty doing things
never went
the three Musketeers.
And it Petr
struck his side. still
sitting on his lips
off the desire to sum up being attracted
to take a friendship.
one before I was vaguely
amused and it seemed strange to concentrate
on a friendly gesture to each other.
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