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Game day!

*shrieks* I'm going to be nervous all day, I think. :P *pats tummy*

Smut posted, so there goes all my responsibility for the Ducklings. They have to do the rest themselves. ;)

From this article, apparently "Patric Kjellberg's wife threatened him with divorce if he didn't immediately return to Sweden". What is up with that? And Marty's wife divorcing him during the Finals? I mean, this is like, justifying all those fics out there that paint the wives as heinous bitches. :P

So I am a dork and kept putting off getting my passport (I'm not a US citizen so there's an inordinate amount of hassle involving police reports and statutory declarations and such stuff) and so I'm most likely not going to Florence for Chip's friend's wedding. :(

I'm trying to get one now, but it's probably too late. Gah, I suck.
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