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Maybe I could just put it up over my side of the bed ...

Two good things happened yesterday. I'm (mostly) done with my project! I had a code review and there's still some stuff to do, but there aren't really any more unknowns.

More importantly, I received my A-Line poster! *shrieks and hyperventilates* It is truly beautiful. *weeps* Chip and I had a little conversation about its placement.

MAE: Can I put the poster up over our bed?
ALEX: What poster? Is it a hot naked chick?
CHIP: A hot naked chick I don't mind.
MAE: No, it's hockey players!
CHIP: Gay hockey players.
MAE: They're not gay!
(silence and exchanging of looks) (Alex flees)
CHIP: You know, I'm just not sure anymore. Petr called him "Stumpy" three times today! I wouldn't call somebody I showered with on a regular basis "Stumpy". I mean, where did that name come from?
MAE: I have no idea. Can I put the poster up over our bed?

And because AIM is a filthy whore and will not let me IM spoothbrush directly, let me just say I loved petrjunior's entry. :D

CC is back!!! *squeals happily* Welcome back, sweetie, I missed you! *cuddles* *tries to erase trauma of being in hockeyless country*
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