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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Maybe I could just put it up over my side of the bed ...

Two good things happened yesterday. I'm (mostly) done with my project! I had a code review and there's still some stuff to do, but there aren't really any more unknowns.

More importantly, I received my A-Line poster! *shrieks and hyperventilates* It is truly beautiful. *weeps* Chip and I had a little conversation about its placement.

MAE: Can I put the poster up over our bed?
ALEX: What poster? Is it a hot naked chick?
CHIP: A hot naked chick I don't mind.
MAE: No, it's hockey players!
CHIP: Gay hockey players.
MAE: They're not gay!
(silence and exchanging of looks) (Alex flees)
CHIP: You know, I'm just not sure anymore. Petr called him "Stumpy" three times today! I wouldn't call somebody I showered with on a regular basis "Stumpy". I mean, where did that name come from?
MAE: I have no idea. Can I put the poster up over our bed?

And because AIM is a filthy whore and will not let me IM spoothbrush directly, let me just say I loved petrjunior's entry. :D

CC is back!!! *squeals happily* Welcome back, sweetie, I missed you! *cuddles* *tries to erase trauma of being in hockeyless country*

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*dies* Love Chip and Alex. You know, one day they're just not going to be able to fight it anymore and they're going to become slash advocates. Mark my words.

Chip has already accepted sexonice and declared that Natuzzi are in love. Plus he notices more slashiness than I do these days. :)

Alex will be the tougher challenge.

*snerk* Tell Alex that the hot uagp is actually slash. That's step one.
Step Two is waiting until he's asleep, then reading very very nice fluffy adorable slash to him in his sleep, to give him slashy dreams.
Step Three is waiting until he tells you about his strange slashy dreams, then you start reading more slash to him in his sleep.
Step Four is leaving innocuously-named slash around the house so he will be intrigued.

*nods* It's foolproof. To me, at least.

It scares me a bit how much thought you've put into this.

Hot uagp might be enticing for him. He does have a thing for young girls. (Ooh, we have another common interest!)

I will have to give that a try, then!

*giggles* It's a good day, it's a non-school day, I've got nothing else to do. *hums*

Wait, how young is "young girls" ? Are we talking ew-scary, or young-normal? 'Cause I'm about to get a little creeped out.

He doesn't. Well, not really. Chip and I just like to bug him about it and he plays along. Well, I hope that's what it is, anyway.

Young being like 18?

AIM seems to dread and fear the thought of me talking to you. Go fig.


*scratches head* Try deleting me from your buddy list if I'm on it, and I'll IM you later after work and let's see if that fixes it. :)

You know, I think PJ is the most intelligent person, err, being in fake!world ...

I will try that, yes.

It must be all the time he spends in a little tube. Or maybe he just gets hit on the head less.

Crazy. And. Stupid.

So I get home and I log on to AIM and you know what pops up?

A chat window opened up with messages from you going back several days.



"So easy to use, no wonder it's #1!"

*dies laughing*

At this point I'm surprised that Chip didn't enter the WL Challenge *giggles*

Ahhh I love petrjunior! So adorable!

I've been trying to get him to! He's still resisting. :P

*feeds PJ some treats*

yay for finishing project!!

*cracks up* I love the conversations you all have :D

*cuddles PJ* Dude Spoothbrush does a kick ass job there yo *grin*

CC *cheers* I'm so glad she;s back

Thanks! :)

The more time we spend together, the stranger we get.

She's awesome. :)

I missed her delirium. :P

*g* strange is good though :)

so much fun!!!

ack! that conversation kills me. *still laughing*
oh, and i'm so jealous of your a-line poster, even though i don't know what it looks like. i'm sure it rocks, tho. obviously.

alright, i'm going to see what trouble pj is causing today.

oooh, nice!

*so happy for you* :)

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