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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Project so close to dead ... still twitching ... *stabs*

*ahem* In other news *tackles Ducklings* Cried again. I'm getting predictable.

petrjunior updated tonight. The insanity continues ... *giggles at spoothbrush* Sheer brilliance!

Petr's jersey was untucked most of the game. That bothered me. Such awesome saves from both Jigga and Brodeur! Eep, I need sleep.

[Edit: Hey, sodapop_300, go to nhl.com and watch the press conference from tonight's game. At the very end, JS answers a question in French. :) ]

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*ahem* In other news *tackles Ducklings* Cried again. I'm getting predictable.

I squealed and bounced and cried a little ;) *cuddles ducklings*

petrjunior updated tonight.

Okay, that is fucking hilarious! *cackles*

Eee! *cuddles you*

PJ is adorable. Like father, like son? Bwahahaha!

PJ so rocks, seriously. :)

The entries from Fake!Petr were a scream. :)

*giggle* The chittering just gets to me. *loves spoothbrush*

*overly amused*

*overly amused* ... says about it all.

I do enjoy being able to find Czech curse words on-line, though.

Oh God, that's all too freaking priceless. *wipes tears from eyes*

I love how fake!petr is accusing all of his friends now. And how Whore is so so jealous of a rodent.

*giggle* Thanks so much for the idea. :D

I'd be pretty creeped out if my pet suddenly started an LJ too, though! Whore seems to be jealous of pretty much anything and everything. *giggle*

Random, but I was adding the Duck LJs to my list because they're all really interesting, and the Paul teaching JS to juggle entry? Funniest thing I have ever read.

LOL! That cracked me up. You know how they flash these little black & white bios of the players in downtime during the game? They showed Paul Kariya and "hobbies: juggling" and I just lost it. *giggle*



*runs off to watch*


*giggle* I can't believe I jut spent so much time laughing at a fake chinchilla journal :D

Does it say something about me that i can actually picture a grown man arguing with a chinchilla??

It's just too good :D

*giggle* You're not alone. :P

hmmm...i noticed that petr's jersey was untucked for most of the game too. *shakes head* it should probably worry me that i pay so much attention to EVERY little thing he does on the ice, sometimes to the exclusion of what else is going on. but i just don't care! hah. :P


ack. *dies a million times over* that chinchilla. such a trouble maker. :) i havn't laughed so hard in quite some time!!

*giggle* Well, at least you have company in your weirdness!

I know! It kills me!

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