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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Die, damn it, die!

At work early, feebly trying to slay the project that will not die. It seems like every step I take forward I'm confronted by a new bug, whether in existing code or newly introduced by me. *weeps*

Re-thought JS!fic for 2067047127th time. This is the worst revision of all, because it might change the ending! Well, I guess it doesn't, because I wrote the ending first. But it kind of changes the whole tone of the fic. I'm annoyed with myself for being such a sap. You would think with my training of watching Cantonese soap operas I would feel perfectly inflicting all sorts of horrors and tragic endings upon my characters, but no ... blah.

And why is it perfectly acceptable in Chinese textbooks to make 7-year-olds read stories about people dying alone, penniless and utterly miserable? And 13-year-olds read about servants in rich households following in love with the master's son, and then drowning themselves in a well because they realize they can never be together?

QUACK! Hopefully, I can leave earlyish today and watch the game liveish. So nervous. *weeps* I will be much with the shrieking and screaming and possibly crying.

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I write tehe end first lots of times too and it rarely wroks that by the time I get there the whole fic needs to change or the ending does *kicks* :) revising is eeevil on toast.

*cuddles* *quacks*

*shrieks* Writing long fic is hard. But the challenge is fun. :)


it so is but yeah its tons of fun *giggle*

Hehe Mae, LOVE the icon!!!! *bg*


werd up, dawg!

anywho. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE GAME. eeee! I'll miss like 10 minutes of it but I'm sure someone can fill me in. i'll come online soon after or in between intermissions to shriek, cry, jump up and down, scream, cry some more and shriek with you, okay?!

another thought. i wish i could get some advertising done on the jumbotron or something, lol...but i dont think they have that at arrowhead. i'll write like "ITS TIME TO GET JIGGY! THANK YOU GOD FOR BOSTON CREAM DONUTS AND FRENCH ACCENTS! GO DUCKS!" lol...my 2 fave things in the world. XD


*runs off shrieking cuz jiggy's gonna be all suited up for the game in less than 5 hours..*

Boston cream donuts? LOL!

*shrieks with you*

I've got that funny feeling in my tummy again ...

uh oh. good feeling or bad feeling?

what's the score? i got home an hour late...

Rly? They do that for Chinese txtbook? I remember mine as having little kids going on fieldtrips and looking at the moon :P

Ahh, yours must be the Westernized version. Tragedy-free. ;)

I went to school in Hong Kong until gr 3! I never had that problem :P

Hmm, well I am like 15 years older than you. *weeps* Maybe they realized that they were traumatizing an entire generation of schoolchildren and revised the subject matter.

Probably. I hate the school system in Hong Kong, they keep on adding and removing strokes of characters. *grr*

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