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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Yeah, I'm fucking insane

First, I would like to say that this is the fault of almightychrissy and robi0688. Completely their idea. Really.

It's their fault that there is now a petrjunior LJ. That being Petr Sykora's pet chinchilla. *sigh*

Hey, spoothbrush, can I enlist your help in either writing posts for him, or making an LJ for Meysvek? *giggles insanely*

I'm going to blame this on being excited that the Ducklings won tonight. Yes, I am. *weeps*

[Edit: Thank you very much to flanneryflyer! I managed to salvage your chinchilla of doom icon for use as PJ's LJ icon.]

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Hey, spoothbrush, can I enlist your help in either writing posts for him, or making an LJ for Meysvek? *giggles insanely*

Have you noticed that I now have all of one LJ interest listed?


I love you!

Seriously, though (well, as serious as I can be about a journal for a rodent) would you do it? :D

*puppy dog, err, chinchilla eyes*

Well, sure. Although I've never attempted to role-play as a rodent before.

Or not, mail got bounced.

Uhh, how can I contact you? :) I'm on AIM as maethornstrom, or email at harleymae @ livejournal.com

Bouncing mail? peculiar. Can catch me on IM as lari35960...

ah, in the world of "duh" I realised that I haven't updated the e-mail address on my website in a year. Braniac. but I fixed it so now that should work too. unless I can't type.

*Giggles* its even funnier that someone else has it listed as well *gg*

Really? That's new... I think I might be afraid.

LOL It's someone I know not that that makes it less to be afriad of *grin*

MAE *dies*

*cuddles you* that soo rocks

*grin* He's in fake!chat now, too, that's the scary thing.


that's sooo damn funny *dies laughing*




*scampers out of post*

Mae, that is so so great.

*laughs and laughs and laughs* I love it that a chinchilla has a livejournal to talk about treats and chewing on Petr's hair and biting mean people.

*giggle* Spoothbrush wrote that one actually. She's brilliant. :)

Why, thank you! I have my moments...

...and the image of Sykie having his hair chewed on by a fist-sized ball of fur is just too cute.

Dude, that was my favourite part!

And he'd be kind of sitting there happily for a while and then be like, okay that's enough, and try with increasing effort (and panic) to extricate PJ.

*sighs and swoons*

I love you! That's so great :)))

*dies* this is too cute for words! *pictures pj crawling around on keyboard* awwww. :)

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