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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So happy right now!

Guess who's sobbing uncontrollably right now? Yes, me.

Ducklings looked much closer to what they were earlier in the playoffs. I hope they can keep it up. *sniffle* *cries more*

I felt bad on Marty's behalf about that fluky goal.

Petr! Paul! Hustling and shots. Very, very nice.

Too incoherent right now. Gah.

I decided to make a Jigga icon at the intermission. *coughs* I hope that it, and the ficcage, helped. :)

Going to watch post-game press conference and play some Freedom Force afterwards.

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Dude! I turned the tv on and it was in overtime, and literally 10 seconds after I turned on the tv the ducklings scored! I'm good luck for them, just like with the Sharkies! ;D

Aw. Congrats to your Ducks.

I'm still pissed, though. [kicks and screams]

Thanks, Devlyn *hugs*

That was a really fluky goal on Marty, though. I'm sorry.

*shrieks and screams*
I've been crying for the last half hour!

*jumps up and down with Mae*

The DUCKLINGS WON! THEY OVERCAME! Hopefully they keep it up..and thank God for the fluky goal! and sexy icon! Can you make me one kinda like that except with different text?

*sobs with you*

I'm so fucking proud of them right now. :D

LOL, sure! What do you want it to be like?

Something about french accents...

I can't think right now..Umm...?

you think up of one about his sexy french accent! surprise me! lol.

Ack! Mind not working right now! (Too excited) But I'll try to think of one. :)

Guess who's sobbing uncontrollably right now? Yes, me.

See, I was thinking Marty Brodeur, but...

*giggle* I don't see him as the sobbing uncontrollably type.

Well, not over hockey anyway. *coughs*

Ahhh that goal. Damn damn damn *rages*

Good for the Ducks, they got one. But that goal! I had visions from the Wings series when every goddamn thing went the Ducks way. I'm trying to breathe but still bitter, lol.

hehe. GO DUCKS GO! sorry...just had to, just had to..

I'm sorry. *hugs* That was painful.

Aww ... Devils still got the 2-1 lead though. :(

Ahhh I watched all the second thisrd periods and overtime *squishes them* So great. And what a freaking fluky goal *boggle* But they Ducks looked so much better this game *licks them* Ohhhhh I am so digging number 10 Umm Krog maybe?

*cuddles you*

Yeah, Marty was fucking awesome throughout though. But yeah, the Ducklings definitely did pick it up. :)

Yeah #10 is Jason Krog. :)


the Ducklings so picked it up :D

he's very cute :)

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