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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marty, say "Jean-Sebastien Giguere" again!

Possibly I shouldn't have listed underage girl porn as an interest a while ago. I now get spam for "young girls fucking" every 2-3 days or so.

Do I get to name my team? I like naming things. Like my web page: Mae's Hockey Fan Fiction. Look at all that creativity! What should they be called? In light of my progressive team policy, how about "Mae's Mistresses"? Will think more about this when I've collected my wits. (Might take a while)

MAE: So, I heard you went to a gay bar last night with Dave.
CHIP: *chuckles* Oh, you heard about that, huh?
MAE: Yep.
CHIP: It was really empty. We got lots of attention.
MAE: Whoa!
CHIP: No! I mean, from the bartender!
MAE: Whoa!

Still must get him to read Bernie's birthday fic for me where he has a cameo. :D *hears porn music in head*

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Chip is the coolest SO on the planet. Seriously.

Why can't all our otherly significances be as cool as Chip? That would just rock.

Re: Chip is the coolest SO on the planet. Seriously.

He's definitely a lot of fun. :) The insanity contributes greatly to this.

Re: Chip is the coolest SO on the planet. Seriously.

He's a fucking mutant. He has webbed feet.

Re: Chip is the coolest SO on the planet. Seriously.

Okay, so he has some flaws.

Lol, haha!

I'm going to watch every time Marty comes on the sports news to try to catch him say Jean Sebastien Giguere again! Oh, french accts are so damn hot. So damn hot.

I have it taped, LOL! I heard Jigga speaking French before in an audio interview. Mmm ...

I have also decided that Chip rocks ;D *gg*

*grin* He's fun. I'm trying to get him to write slash. :D

How can we be your mistresses? We're not married. LOL

Mae's Manic uh...Maniacs? LOL Mae's.. Mae's.. Mae's Manic Bitches!

Mae's Manic Maulers. Mae's Manic Mauling Missies.

I'm liking the word "manic"

In class today we went over the Doppler Effect and I died.

Minor details!

Umm, Maniacs sounds pretty fun. It sounds intimidating and stuff. Or maybe Marauders. Marauding sounds fun and intimidating.

Eee!!! Doppler Effect! I would have died too. :D

I too have decided that Chip is the coolest :))

*giggle* I'll let him know. I'm still trying to convince him to either come to IHC or write some hockey slash, lol!

*GRIN* Oh yes, he should do both. We'll be good :))))

Maybe I should try my hand at writing... uuhhh.... errrr.

Marty in a suit! Speaking French! "JS Giguere has been so awesome, you know." I didnt hear the rest. I never hear when Marty talks. I only look. Drool. Hyperventilate. Then wait for replays to hear.

You should!

Ahh, I'm the same way with so many players! Thank God for TiVo! *grin*

>*hears porn music in head*<

the boom-chicka-boom-chicka-boom-boom?

If you can convince Chip to write slash I could be convinced to reveal what happened on the 14th hole :)


*dies* I'll get right on it! :P

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