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Fading ...

LJ was a bitch and ate my post.

Uhh, what did I say? Oh yeah. I didn't sleep last night.

Hopefully announcers will stop blowing JS now. JS was kind of cute breaking his stick, and then resuming his thing where he skates half-circle, looks up, and brings glove holding stick to face. Except now the stick is broken and it looks kind of silly, but otherwise back to stock footage mode.

Petr and Patrik in penalty box together. But not the same box. That might have been a different story. Apparently Petr's assisted Patrik the most and Patrik's assisted Petr the most! And same applies for assisting each other with goals, too! Ahh, I kept typing Paul instead of Patrik. Ducklings taking over my mind. And too many damn Ps.

Alex tells me Chip and Dave went to a gay bar together, and tuned out the rest of the details. I'll have to ask him about it tomorrow morning. This should be interesting. Maybe an additional person will be in bed when I wake up, lol.

Brodeur saying "Jean-Sebastien Giguere". So fucking sexy. I'll bet twelve billion times as sexy as Roy saying it. I can't imagine Roy saying anything sexy. I can't imagine Roy and sexy in the same sentence. (Sorry, Roy lovers)

Ahh, damn you LJ! How dare you steal posts from a senile old woman like me? I can't remember what I wrote? I write these things for a reason!

JS and Chouinard so damn slashy. Best man indeed. But no, can't slash them. Best friends. *nods* Best friends.

As far as IHC team stuff is concerned, let it be known that on my team, you have to sleep your way to the top. With me.
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