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Wow, I can't believe Roy retired. It just doesn't feel right. I actually really liked him. (As long as he kept his goalie helmet on, and was on the ice) And Maria's post made me all sniffly.

Frala-esque game commentary.

First period:

  • Picture of Rob gazing lovingly at Scott Niedermayer. I could practically see the bunnies popping up in people's minds.
  • It's cute how the fans yelled "sucks" after they announced the Ducklings starting lineup.
  • Picture of JS biting puck. HAHAHAHAHA! (I'd still do him, but he's just not that kind of sexy.)
  • Eee! Petr already looking good! PING! Maybe I won't scream at him tonight.
  • Petr hit Stevens! LOL! Such a dainty hit. *giggles*
  • Eep, Ducklings are looking kind of awkward. :(
  • Paul is so fucking awesome. To have his talent and want to stay with the Ducks through all the bad years.
  • Petr drawing a penalty again. *cough*dive*cough* Ducklings power play. *weeps*
  • Eee! Nice fucking attempted pass, Petr! *giggle* He's all swearing about having the pass deflected. *shrieks* Petr leveled! Twitching on ice! *cries* *calms self down* It's all over, it's all over, he's fine now ...
  • *weeps* And the thing is, he teases you with it. It looks like it's a gaping opening just waiting for your shot and then bang! It's gone. *cries* Don't say things like that about Jiggy!
  • Ooh, Elias is feisty! Yum ... wait. What the fuck did I just say?
  • LOL! Only 10 shots total in the period.


  • *squeal* Barry thinks Petr was the best player on the ice! He must have been, otherwise I would have been swearing at him. :P
  • Why is Scott Niedermayer being asked if he dreams about his brother?

Second period:

  • Fucking shooting gallery! Help JS out, boys!
  • Never mind. Too late. :( Ahh, Friesen. *conflicted*
  • Devils defense is so fucking good! *weeps*
  • Help JS out, for fuck's sakes!

Third period:

  • Gah. Elias mauling Marshall after he scored. :(
  • Maybe posting Devils fic wasn't such a good idea. Even though Elias wasn't in today's part.
  • *sigh* At least they picked it up 10 minutes in.

Not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I think because the Devils played better than I've seen them play, and the Ducklings looked like they did in Game 5 vs Dallas. But mostly I don't mind as much because I like the Devils. Hrm. Still disappointed, though. :(

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