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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Time for sleep

I did it! Enough Ducklings fic to last a 7-game series! :P Thanks to lastcatastrophe, joolzie, bkm5191 and frala for your help. *bounces*

I think I'm going nuts making animated gifs. I understand now, Flannery, I understand!

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you are so more than welcome!

*cheers* mae fic!!

*licks your icon*

ahh they are so fun to make. Dude speaking of I need to ask you a question about my download, its all wonky *g*

*cuddles tightly*

I think I'm addicted to making them. :)

Wonky? Oh did it not install properly after you downloaded?


so addictive :D

It wont install at all, it gives me some weird message *g*

Hmm, what was the message? I didn't have any problems with it ...

*kicks it* I just got home and restarted my computer and it worked lol, thank you anyway Mae *hugs*

LOL! Yes, Windows sucks that way. Glad it worked for you! *hugs*

*giggles* Shutting it off fixes 99% of all problems :D thanks

It's a freaking DRUG!

Get out while you still caaaaaaaaaaaaaan...

I swear it is! It's lucky I have one that isn't as functional as yours, I think.

Congrats on finishing the fic :D

Well I have PSP 7.0 and I think that's the latest one? I've been sucked into the madness. There's no hope for me now.


Hmm, that's probably too complicated for me. ;) LOL! Well, looking forward to seeing your icons. :P

I think I'm going nuts making animated gifs.

--aren't they addictive? I can't stop! I've made, like, 6 or 7 today *ggg*

You are so welcome, Mae! Anytime you want something read, just feel free to toss it over to me! No need to ask, I'll read Maefic anytime! :)

Can you make animated gifs with Photoshop?


Don't know, I've never played with it. I think most people use Paint Shop Pro, which I didn't get because I'm too lazy to warez it. :)

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