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A GIP, or the closest I'm ever going to get to one

I made my very first animated gif! I've wanted to make this ever since reading an article in spoothbrush's journal where Jason Arnott and Petr Sykora are referred to as "young studs".

Alex and I are such jackasses when it's just the two of us together. Chip, aka Sleeping Beauty, was still asleep when we wanted to leave at 11.30 AM so we went without him. We kept buying the last of the good stuff at the Farmers Market and then laughing heartily at the people who missed out. "Hey those blueberries look really good - where did you get them from?" "Over there, but we got the last ones! Bwahahaha!"

I picked up Freedom Force and SimGolf from EBX because I've always wanted to get them and they were cheap. :P While we were there, I saw ZOE 2 on display and was bursting to tell Alex all about the big metal dicks but we were surrounded by people, so I had to point and make vague gestures and giggle instead. It's possible that everyone except Alex understood what I was trying to say.

Yeah, okay, busted. This is a GIP.
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