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Rest is a weapon!

Hmm, if rest is a weapon, consider me unarmed.

JS on Leno last night! There was much shrieking and squealing and babbling about how adorable he is. And that was just from Chip. JS is just so honest and humble and unassuming and sweet, and he's even more so in person. *sighs*

On NHL2Night after the game, Bucci declared that he was going to be "riding Jiggy all the way". Don't say things like that, Bucci! *shrieks* Chip was talking about how all the announcers and everyone in the hockey world in general are so blatant that it ruins the subtext that's so vital for us slash writers. He also thinks NHL should stand for the "National Homoerotic League".

It was really pretty and foggy in San Francisco last night. This gorgeous mist that clings to all the buildings, and sprinkles your face as you walk, as if it's drizzling. Or maybe I'm just an idiot and it really was drizzling. But it was lovely. :)

Alex and I (and Chip if he wakes up in time, which means no Chip) are going to Farmer's Market along the Embarcadero when he gets back from karate class, where we will promptly buy everything we taste because it's so incredibly good and return with 50 pounds of fruit each.
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