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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Go, Devils!!!

*shrieks* Friesen!!! Ahh!!! I have warm and fuzzy feelings towards him as an ex-Shark, even though he was before my time (I've only been really following hockey for like a year) so that makes me even more squealy.

I was so worried after Marty let in those un-Marty like goals, and especially with the Sens having all the momentum, but they battled back, and Marty was awesome stopping Hossa (Sorry, SDQ) *shrieks* Lalime was fucking awesome too, I think Gomez will be having nightmares tonight. :P But eee, they made it happen!!! *heart swells*

And ... that's the last time I cheer for the Devils this season. Eep.

I lost my fic notes in a restaurant yesterday. I was picking up some take-out for Alex and I came back into the car and ... gone. No notes. No Ducklings threesome notes. Thank God it wasn't detailed smut notes describing position and dialogue snippets and what-not. Knowing me, it would be found by some five-year-olds who would read it out loud at top volume.

Happy that Flannery got her Gagne jersey today. The first thing she did was strip completely, put it on and then prance around. No, wait, that was me with my Thorty jersey. :D

Chip was making fun of how JS repeats himself over and over again when he talks to the press. 50% of his words consist of "I just make the first save." His most recent thing seems to be "rest is a weapon." Chip dubbed that one "deep thoughts with JS Giguere".

Okay, look at this.

It's a mech from ZOE 2. See anything interesting about it? You know, like that big metal dick? Right.

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sooo a big metal dick *cracks up*

I think all the mechs in that game have them. It's hilarious. :)

Better than "and drink a lot of water..." I was waiting for him to start saying "We should breathe. Because air is important." over and over again.

Dude, drinking water is important for him! Otherwise he collapses on the ice and his legs twitch!

I SO did not strip naked and prance...


But you know... let's say hypothetically I did... would that be a problem?

Dude, I did it. Nothing wrong. Well, as far as I'm concerned. :)

*prances nakedly with you*

Oh dear, I think you just qualified as secret lesbian lover #4.

LMAO@metal dick!
I sooooooooooooooooo need a Dany Heatley jersey.
And I'm still going for the Devils :D
Parade in Jersey, and I would totally abandon all my dislike for NJ New Yorkers are born with and go *giggles* Cup in the Swamp!

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