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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thank God it's ... it's ... it's ... zzz

I've got that funny feeling in my tummy ...

I dreamt that either the Devils or the Sens got shut out 4-0. Now that I think about it, I think it was the Devils that got shut out, because that team was in red. From history, I've concluded that this means nothing. I dreamt that the Ducklings won Game 5 vs Dallas and they lost it 4-1. But ultimately, they won the series. Bah.

Settle, tummy, settle!

If JS blushes on Leno tonight, I will go into fits.

We now have 9.39AM meetings every day at work. I missed the first one yesterday thanks to my stupid atomic clock that merrily decides to re-sync itself at the worst possible moments, thus setting itself to the wrong (but highly precise) time. Blah. New clock this weekend. If I ever stop writing, that is. I just realized I need to stockpile another 4 parts of Ducklings fic.

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There is nothing like wonderful, random sentences such as 'I just realized I need to stockpile another 4 parts of Ducklings fic' to brighten a person's morning and distract them from work *dies laughing*

Either that or I'm just really easily amused ;)


*giggle* Sometimes I forget how (extra) insane I sound without context. :)

I've been posting Ducklings fic, or at least fic with Ducklings in them, on the day of their games. It's my game day superstition.

Glad I could amuse you. :D

JS on Leno??? When???

(Not that I don't know you'll tape it ;p)

About 11.30-12.30, don't know which part of the show he'll be in, but not likely in the first 20 minutes because that's when they have the monologue, etc.

And yes, I'm taping it for posterity. :)

*rubs your tummy*

eee JS on Leno is going to me most squee inducing

duckling fic!

Thanks! *sighs happily*

I think I'll have to watch it at least 5 times before I can hear what they're saying. :)

But angsty. :( It's because the three of them are so sweet and smiley that I have to go the other way, hehe!


*g* probably!!

awwww *cuddles them*

But there might be a good ending for them. :)

*squeak* A happy ending is always a good good thing!!

*giggle* I do it way too much, but I'm a sap like that. :)

*makes you peppermint tea*

*hires JS to rub your tummy*

Thanks, dearie. :)

*shrieks* That would be, umm, very nice, very nice, yes. *shrieks again*

Aaaww. Hope your tummy feels better.
Have fun watching Giggy. And YAY for more Mae fic!

Thanks. I think it will be okay when the game is over. :P

I'm way too excited about seeing him, LOL! And thanks. :)

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