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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Buffy forever!

Watched the Buffy finale tonight. Can't believe it's over. Still kind of stunned.

The Whalers scouts insisted Giguere was better and when it was their turn, the only debate was Giguere or forward Petr Sykora.

*shrieks* They were drafted in the same year! I don't know why, but that makes me happy. Thanks to Chrissy's encouragement, I am considering writing a letter to Petr to ask him whether his chinchilla is still alive. Also, if it is, and the Ducklings should win the Cup, whether he would put his chinchilla in the Cup and take a picture of it peeking over the side.

Blah, game 7. If there's anything that makes me optimistic, it's that the Devils got lots of chances and looked good tonight. Eep.

Inspiration go bye bye. This may or may not have to do with a certain person who makes me never want to write again. *winks*

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Are you rooting for the Devils or the Sens?

I missed the finale of Buffy.. I cant believe its over. Its just weirdtothinkabout. Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy and Buffy is Sarah. Its just bizarre. Ha

Devils!!! :D

Yeah, she really grew up with that role. I watched the first episode again at some point and I'm like, "She has puffy cheeks! She's so young she still has baby fat!"

She might do Buffy movies or guest star in Angel (or whatever spinoff Joss is proposing, if that gets okayed) in the future, though. Nothing seems to stop people in the Buffyverse from coming back, even death. :)

Yay for The Devils.

As for Buffy, yeah I don't notice how much she has changed till I look back on older episodes and she was such a baby back then. Ha. You are right, with them chubby cheeks. Ha. She has matured so much and I dont even realize it till I sit down and look back at the past. But that is in everything in life I guess. =)

Yeah, I think the show took a lot of flak for becoming so serious after Buffy died, but Joss has always said that the show mirrors real life, and as you get older, things get more serious, and the types of problems you face change.

I'm going to miss the show. :)

You have the coolest journal layoutr ever, Im sooo jealous. =)Its beautiful!!!

Life is funny and life is serious. I dont get why they freaked out so much about where the show turned. She died.. hello.. that is serious. And its always been a dark type of TV show. Seriousness is a must.They had the best dry, one linder humor too. Ha

Thanks! My friend Neo made it for me. She's really talented. :)

Yeah, they'd have serious moments, then throw in the funniest lines/situations. :)


What was that sound? Was that a deflection?

That would be James and his mirror fetish.

No, that was a distinct ...


There it is again! That really sounds like a deflection!

I am SO SORRY again about the game thing :(

Don't worry about it! If it was a really crucial game I would have not come online. :)

You should SO write that letter!!!!!

But make very very sure that he's aware that you're actrually talking about the chinchilla :)

*dies a million deaths*

Petr's "chinchilla" in the ... ... dude, people drink out of that thing! *laughs hysterically*


There's a comment I could make to that, but I won't.

...and diaperless babies have... yeah... in it.

I'm pretty sure they clean it very, very well.

heeee you should soo write Petr *giggles*

*giggle* I'll do it if they win the cup and send it to him when training camp starts. :)

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