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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Just call me Mrs. Lindros

Well, apparently I'm the slutty girl in the corner, but that's okay, because Eric Lindros hit on me and we got married. So sayeth frala. :D (Okay, this is from a game of "The Sims" for PS2)

[Edit: Eric and I have just had a baby, apparently when I went to check the mail. I named it Jake. Thanks for letting me name him, AJ!]

CHIP: I slash you!
MAE: With who?
CHIP: Frala!
MAE: Okay. Are you going to write it?
MAE: Why not?
CHIP: You're so odd!
MAE: You're the one who suggested it.
CHIP: *silent*

If Fedorov signed with the Rangers, then the identical triplets would all be on the same team! This scares me and excites me (but not in that way). (Thanks for the pic, Chrissy!)

There is this one block (6th street just before Market) in San Francisco, where there is always a crazy bum sort of strolling across the road and glaring at cars as if to say "Fuck you! Come run me over! Come on!" and some of them actually yell something to that effect, but it's only in that street. I'm fairly sure it's not the same crazy bum, but there's always one and only one bum. Maybe they take shifts.

Oh dear, back to work now.

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heee mrs lindros

*hugs chip* LOL

*licks the triplets*


Chip is insane.

At least it's not the triplets licking each other. OH GOD NO! *shrieks*

*giggles* but he's funny to oso its all good :)

EEEEEEEE nice image there mae :D


You know, if Kovalev was still in the Penguins, then that would mean two more teams and ... *shrieks*

(Deleted comment)
Bruins, Pens, Rangers, Isles, Flames, Panthers, Canes, Caps, Preds, Kings

Hehe three of ours overlap. :)

hee they do. *grin* I think I can make do I might have Pred trouble but aside form that I can do it :)

I'm sure there are cool undiscovered people on every team. :)

Hey I'd so not mind being the slutty girl in Eric hit on and married me *giggle*

Chip is insane, you do know this :))))

Triplets!!!! *dies* And yet, it looks as though Kovy might not sign with them. If he leaves and then Feds comes in.... No sir, I won't like it at all *GRIN*


Not complaining here! :P

Yes. See, Alex was in Dallas for 2 weeks, meaning it was just the 2 of us, and we both go insane when we are exposed to each other (just us) for too long.

Aww, but Kovalev likes it with the Rangers right?

No no, I wouldn't be complaining either :))

Ah well Alex needs to stick around so you two don't go insane anymore LOL!

*nods* He does. He was happy to go back with them after so long so I don't know what will happen *sigh*

Yeah, he does! I don't know what we'll do if he ever takes an extended vacation to Russia.

Well, we'll just think of Russian identical triplets on the same team as a silly possibility then. :)

LOL! Congratulations on the wedding and the baby. Things go quick these days, eh? Heh.

I'm thinking Fedorov might leave Detroit. Whatever floats his boat.

oOo I forgot to tell you. Did you hear about Thorty getting arrested? Apparently, he and his brother got arrested outside a bar couple of days ago, and got out on bail.

Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I was reading the new fic you have up, "Champagne". Sooooooooo good. I cant wait to read more of it :D

Thank you! They sure do. *wipes tears* Before I know it, little Jake Lindros will be heading for college.

He certainly hasn't acted as if he's particularly keen on staying.

That was his cousin Joe who got arrested, not Thorty! *cuddles him* From what I've read, his brother was getting arrested and he stepped in, so he got arrested too. He should have gone to the World Championships. :P

Thank you so much! :D More will be posted the next time the Ducklings play, whenever that is. I have my superstitions. :P

(Deleted comment)
*giggle* Oh of course! I'm sure Eric will give him lots of help. :)

Is it a money issue? Or does he just want a change? He's been with the Wings for a long time, hasn't he?

*blush* Looks like it'll be next Tuesday. Could have been sooner. *frowns at Devils*

LOL! Good luck to Jake Lindros for college. Maybe he can skip and play juniors like daddy ;)

Meep. I totally wont be surprised if Feds leaves; I'm actually expecting him to. Greedy son of a gun, pfft!

oOo it was the cousin, lol. Oops Thorty. He should've gone to the Worlds *nods*

Aaaaahhhhh next time the Ducks play, damn! Bring on the finals already. LOL! Hurry up hockey 'cause we want to read Mae's fiction!

It's a money issue with Fedorov. In Jan, they offered him 5 years and 50 mill dollars, and he declined, and then fired his agents. Heis looking for atleast 12 million. Now they've offered him 4 yrs and 40 mill, and I dont think he's going to take it. I'm expecting him to leave, and frankly I will be a little surprised if he does stay for this amount. He always keeps saying that he wants to stay with the Wings and the usual nonsense, but if he does, why hasnt he signed a contract yet? He becomes a free agent on July 1, and he's looking to see who's going to pay him more. He's done this before. In 1997-98 season, he held out and played only 21 games for the whole reg. season. He then signed a contract with the Carolina Hurricanes, which the Red Wings matched and also gave him a 12 mill dollar signing bonus.

As good as he is, he does not deserve 12 or even 9 million. He's a terrific player, who should not be getting more than 6.5 mill/year, and even 8 mill is pushing it. For someone who is not consistent and decides to show up and play whenever he wants, he sure demands a lot of money.

He is very popular out of Detroit, but people in Detroit are not very warm towards him. And especially since his 98 hold out, people have been a little off towards him. Greedy punk.

Oh my, that was a big essay, lol. Blah on the Devils for going to a game 7 now. As long as they win *hopes*

Yeah, I remember hearing about that. But with the CBA expiring and a possible salary cap you'd think he'd just take what he can get.

I do wonder though, what the big difference is between 10 and 12 million. I mean, he's Russian and Russians do really understand the value of money, but what is he going to do, practically, with that extra amount?

Yeah, that's the impression I got, given how often Feds is a villain in fics. :P I have a more forgiving attitude to him, mostly because of stuff I'm heard from someone who's a huge fan of his.

*hopes for Devils too*

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