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Just call me Mrs. Lindros

Well, apparently I'm the slutty girl in the corner, but that's okay, because Eric Lindros hit on me and we got married. So sayeth frala. :D (Okay, this is from a game of "The Sims" for PS2)

[Edit: Eric and I have just had a baby, apparently when I went to check the mail. I named it Jake. Thanks for letting me name him, AJ!]

CHIP: I slash you!
MAE: With who?
CHIP: Frala!
MAE: Okay. Are you going to write it?
MAE: Why not?
CHIP: You're so odd!
MAE: You're the one who suggested it.
CHIP: *silent*

If Fedorov signed with the Rangers, then the identical triplets would all be on the same team! This scares me and excites me (but not in that way). (Thanks for the pic, Chrissy!)

There is this one block (6th street just before Market) in San Francisco, where there is always a crazy bum sort of strolling across the road and glaring at cars as if to say "Fuck you! Come run me over! Come on!" and some of them actually yell something to that effect, but it's only in that street. I'm fairly sure it's not the same crazy bum, but there's always one and only one bum. Maybe they take shifts.

Oh dear, back to work now.
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