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Visa Röven!!!

*pant* *pant* *pant*

That game was so fucking awesome!!!

Miikka was so fucking good!!! *cries* He stopped 36 out of 37 shots and he was banging his stick and stuff. My grinning Finnish goaltender! *cries*

Marco, the lesbian and Selanne ... that line kicked so much ass! They were responsible for 3 of the 6 goals tonight. *squeals*

Sexy bitch captain, so fucking beautiful on the ice. Even Chip said so. Well he said graceful, not beautiful. But yeah, so fucking beautiful.

Sunny!!! Sunny with adorable layer of stubble skating along right in front of me. He was all serious though ... I guess cos' his other half wasn't playing tonight *grin* I almost chickened out of doing it, but Chip kept encouraging me to yell it ... he was like, he's right in front of you, do it, do it! So I screamed in Swedish for him to show his ass (SDQ and Robyn, I do keep my promises!) but he didn't hear me. Chip and Alex laughed madly at me.

There were two fights and Heins was in both of them! *giggle* Lira's boy Harvey scored the first goal in like 35 seconds. *grin* Umm, a ref tried to hit on Aebischer (the poor boy), and even though Thorty wasn't there, someone wearing a Thorty jersey "stole" a girl from an Avs fan on the kiss cam. *giggle* Saw more puckbunnies, but they were old and leathery with hugely augmented boobs, and tiny liposuctioned bodies. Eww!!! Sturm patted Jillson on the ass with his hockey stick (of love) *giggle*

Umm, incoherent now, but had so much fun!!! Can't wait to see them play the Canucks at the end of the month. Naztuzzi! *whimpers* *dies*

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